Thursday, August 16, 2012

Review: Milani Shadow Eyez 01 Snow White & L'oreal Telescopic Liquid Liner in Black Noir

I picked up these two pretties at the drugstore last weekend. I had to pick up a liquid liner and decided to get one that I haven't tried in awhile.I also wanted to get a white eyeliner pencil since I've started to really like the effect the whole highlighted inner eyelid..crease thing.
Milani  Shadow Eyez 01 Snow White:

I previously went to the drug store a couple weeks ago to pick up a white pencil and I originally picked up some 2$ NYC pencil. That pencil sucked really hard.It clumped and barely had color. So this time around I decided to sort of splurge on another one(and by splurge...I mean this Milani pencil was about 6$)

The color is a nice soft white. I also really like how fat the tip is since I'm really only going to be using this for highlighting. 
The color doesn't go on heavy. Which I also like because I don't want bright white highlighted areas. I generally like this pencil. I definitely like it was better than that piece of poop NYC pencil. However, this pencil doesn't blend too well. Now, I sort of am new to highlighting and i only really highlight my inner eyelids and brow bones(my brow bones are done with an eyeshadow) I wanted a pencil because I thought it would be easier to control than the eyeshadow I was using on my brow bones. This pencil is just a little bit hard to work with.


-nice big fat tip
-nice color

-does not blend well.

L'oreal Telescopic Liquid Liner in Black Noir:

Since I wear individual eyelashes that last for about a week straight I usually have to use this...I think its Revlon liquid liner. The thing about the Revlon liquid liner is I don't really like the product. The black isn't matte and the ends of my cat eyes normally flake off. The reason why I like this item is because it has the only applicator I can use. Since I have eyelashes on at all times I need to use a liquid liner with a long applicator. So I decided to use the crappy liquid liner's applicator with a different product and it has been working out for me very well. 

This is the applicator I really cannot use.
I really love this product. The liner is a nice deep matte black and it does not flake off at all during the day. This liner and the one I used before it are super different. The other one I sort of just flaked it off to remove the product where as this one just melts off once I apply water.  If you're looking for a waterproof liquid liner this is definitely not something you would like.  I also wish there was more product in this. My other liner had a ton of product in it. This one is about the same price and half the size.

-very pretty matte black that will stay on throughout the day
-easily removable. 

-the applicator least for me and my stupid eyelashes
-not at all waterproof if you care about that sort of thing.
-not enough product inside 


Hope you guys enjoyed my review.
 Have a nice day everyone! :)


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