Thursday, June 28, 2012

Colourvue Star and Jewel-Jewel Gold

 I ordered these lenses from Lensvillage. This was the first time I've ever ordered from that site. I chose the expensive shipping (which isn't even expensive because its the cheapest express shipping amongst circle lens companies) because I am terrible at the waiting game. AND THE SHIPPING FOR THIS WAS SO FAST.

 Lensvillage shipped these out on the 25th and it seriously got here on the 27th. My goodness that is incredibly fast!

They gave me two that was cool.
Design:7/10 So I was so so so very excited to get these lenses. I had been lusting after these lenses for a couple of months. Ever since I saw Fenua Beaute's review on the silver version of these lenses. I expected paleish gold lenses similar to their silver counterpart that would blend nicely with my brown eyes. When i opened the Colourvue box I was confused and initially though they sent me the wrong thing. When you look at the contact it seems like it is dominated by black with a light glaze of gold. These lenses are interesting though. The gold seems iridescent and sparkly when you stare into them. However, these lenses are not even sort of obviously gold. In most of the photos you're about to see, these lenses just look black.  When I was taking pictures I couldn't figure out how to make the gold show up. While the design is quite interesting, it really is not how I wanted it to look.

Enlargement:10/10 So, I am pretty sure these are 14mm lenses. Or atleast that was the impression I was under when I bought them.  I know Colourvue makes a series that is a circle lens but I am pretty sure this is just a normal color contact lens. ANYWAY, if these are 14mm, they are the hugest 14mm lenses I have ever seen. ( I tried looking on the site to see how big these were but it doesn't seem to be listed anywhere.) They are way bigger then I expected them to be, but I really don't mind that aesthetically. 
Comfort:3/10 SJDKHFSJDHFKAJSHFSKJFHKSJHKFJH. That is how I feel about the comfort of these lenses. You see, these lenses feel like they could be incredibly comfortable HOWEVER, they move every time I blink. It obscures my vision so bad and feels pretty uncomfortable. I can feel them the entire time because of that. I had such seriously high expectations for these considering they have a high water content and they are VERY thin. I don't understand why they move around but its pretty annoying.
Overall:6.5/10 These lenses just were not what I wanted them to be. They are interesting and pretty and very enlarging for their size but they feel terrible for me and they look more like a black lens than a gold one.I'd recommend these if you might want an interesting black lens with a bit of gold.

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