Sunday, January 20, 2013

Review: Maybelline Color Sensational Vivids Lipstick in 895 On Fire Red + Maybelline Color Tattoo Metals in 70 Barely Branded

After seeing many reviews on the new Maybelline products I knew I had to pick some up for myself. New drugstore makeup is so exciting! I actually went to a couple of CVSs without any luck of finding these new collections and I finally ended up finding them at Target.
Maybelline Color Sensational Vivids Lipstick in 895 On Fire Red:
What a surprise, right? Of course I had to get the red shade. There are actually two red shades in this collection and I intend to also pick up Neon Red. I just wanted to pick up the most wearable red shade first.

Packaging: Vibbrraantt. The cap is an awesome neon shade.
Consistency & Pigmentation: this lipstick goes on quite smoothly. It also feels rather moisturizing on my lips and doesn't end up drying them out at all. The only sort of annoyance I have about the consistency is that the lipstick comes off quite easily. If I drink or eat something its off within one or  two bites/sips. The pigmentation is nice. It does take about two swipes though to get the full pigmented effect of the lipstick. 

I also noticed that this color is very very close to MAC's Ruby Woo. I love Ruby Woo and at times I mix this lipstick and Ruby Woo together to get a more comfortable bright classic red since Ruby Woo is quite drying since its a matte lipstick.
Ruby Woo on top On Fire Red on the bottom.
Bare lips

Something I neeeed to mention about this lipstick though is that it sort of kind of tastes pretty bad. I didn't really notice any sort of obnoxious scent but when I eat food or drink or something and lick my lips in anyway it just tastes like total chemical doo doo.


-lovely shade
-a bit of a dupe for MAC's Ruby Woo.
-moisturizing formula doesn't end up drying out my lips.
-cute packaging
-fairly inexpensive at like..I dunno 6-8$

-tastes terrible
 -doesn't stay on too long. Ends up coming off whenever I eat even a little bit.
-isn't super pigmented and causes the need for more applications of the product(isn't as pigmented as MAC's Ruby Woo)
-tastes like crap

Would I recommend this? YEsssss. The colors are nice and bold and pretty so that makes me not mind the taste as much.

Maybelline Color Tattoo Metals in 70 Barely Branded:

Wooooo dawgay I was so excited when Maybelline came out with this color cream shadow in their Metals collection because back during the beginning of...I dunno... September I think I wanted their limited edition Barely Beige color but for whatever reason opted out of getting it. Upon seeing this I had to scoop it on up. I also have my eye on ..Inked for Pink? I think thats what its called.

 Packaging: Great. These are pretty compact and they come in a glass jar. The packaging looks more expensive than you'd think it would for the 7something$ price these are. 

Swatchin it uppppp!
doesn't that sort of look like a concealer swatch or something?When I first uploaded this picture I totally thought it was.

Consistency & Pigmentation:Great. The consistency is thick and the color is totally pigmented. It stays pretty much put all day and the only real things I can complain about with this is that 1. it sort of applies a tiny bit patchy which requires me to blend it out quite alot and 2. it creases on me. I use an eyelid primer(elf's 1$ eyelid primer) and even with that it creases by the end of the day. Thats a bit disappointing. Does anyone else have this and notice that it creases?For whatever reason I thought these were creaseless. 
eyelid swatch


-lovely color and payoff
-inexpensive with nice packaging
-works as a nice base to amplify other shadows
-nice thick consistency

-sort of kind of hard to blend

Would I recommend this? Surrrrre. I feel like this creasing on me is something I'm doing...but maybe that doesn't make any sense. I'm probably going to try this out with another primer or alone.Regardless of creasing, the color gives a nice effect on the eyes

Overall look:

Have you guys tried out any of the new drugstore stuff?

Have a goooooood night!

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