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Review: Revlon Photoready Foundation VS. Revlon ColorStay Foundation

Lately I have been interested in testing out a new foundation. The foundation I was using prior to these was the Neutrogena Healthy Skin Liquid Makeup in Natural Ivory (review: HERE). Now, that foundation is lovely. I really like it. However, after some Youtube research it seems as though the Revlon Colorstay is the most popular drugstore foundation. While researching I also saw that there was a ton of comparison videos of these two foundations. I personally like both however prefer one over the other.
I suggest before you use either of these to shake them up.  

 I am going to start with the foundation I bought first.

Revlon ColorStay in 150 Buff:

 This foundation is absolutely raved about on Youtube. I have heard of people from other countries paying as much as 30$ for this foundation (it normally retails for about...10-12$ in the US).I got this for 5$ because I had a coupon.

What product claims:ColorStay™ Makeup provides lightweight comfort, so you feel like you’re not wearing makeup. Looks fresh for up to 24 hours. 

This product comes with your normal 1FL OZ of foundation.

-SPF 6
-Softflex provides all day comfort
-oil free shine control
-natural flawless look
-transfer resistant
Packaging: As you can see, this product does not come with a pump.WHYYYY NOT? I don't understand. I am sure consumers would pay the extra 2$ to have one thrown on there since it is the #1 thing bitched about for this foundation.

Anyway, the lack of a pump just makes it a bit hard to control how much comes out compared to how much you need.
Naked face.
BB cream
After just foundation.

Consistency: The consistency of this foundation can get a bit watery if you don't shake it up. When shaken up it gets thicker. I have heard people say this foundation feels heavy. I don't really feel that however I don't wear a whole ton of it. My foundation routine starts with a rather heavy coverage BB cream(which isn't a whole ton of coverage since BB creams can only have so much) and then  foundation then concealer and then pressed powder to really get the coverage I want.

Coverage: One of the main reasons this foundation is raved about is because you can get a full coverage out of it. I completely agree with that. It is buildable and with a bit of layering you can definitely get some nice coverage out of this foundation.
Bare hand
This isn't blended in perfectly, however that beauty mark is really disappearing with this foundation.

This foundation has not made me break out either which is a definite plus for me. My skin isn't overly sensitive however I do break out with 1 to 2 to 3 pimples sometimes.I sort of did expect this foundation to make me break out since it can get a bit heavy and it smells funky.

Thats another thing!This foundation stinks. Seriously, I have smelled some odd foundations but this smells totally bleh. I'm glad this doesn't have a fragrance in it because I prefer my foundations not to but this is one of the strongest smelling foundations I have ever tried.

  It is also transfer resistant. I've hugged a few people wearing this and it really didn't leave any sort of mark on their clothing.

I have the combination/oily skin version of this foundation and I think the shininess my skin can get is controlled but I do still need to powder my face every so often.I have heard people say that this foundation is hard to blend because it dries quickly since the finish is matte. I don't know if I blend my foundation very quickly but I really didn't have a problem with that.

Something I did like about this is the shade range. There are...20 shades I believe. Thats awesome! I think the shade I got may be a bit light for me however my face is lighter than the rest of my body so I am actually not entirely sure. I have the 2nd shade in the collection and I think the 3rd shade looks a bit darker than my other foundations. It all works out though!

Oh!And one of the most important things!Yes, the color does stay! I have never worn foundation for 24hrs because thats gross but it does stay from around 8AM to 8PM when I take it off so thats great!

My Conclusion:

-very good coverage
-long lasting
-nice color range
-matte finish. I don't find that this is hard to blend or dries too quickly.
-transfer resistant
-hasn't made me break out
-SPF 6. not a whole lot of SPF but its somethingg.

-no pump

Would I recommend this?Yessss. Especially if you have problem skin and need a bit of extra coverage. Check this stuff out.

Finished makeup:
Haha, I was so tired in this photooo.

Revlon Photoready Foundation in 002 Vanilla:

The general concensus I saw from the Youtube comparisons between these two foundations is that people seemed to prefer the Colorstay to this foundation. This retails for about...13-15$ in the US.

What the product claims: 
Revlon PhotoReady™ Makeup - for poreless, airbrushed skin in any light. Photochromatic pigments bend and reflect light to erase every flaw. Complete, yet undetectable coverage. Soft, luminous finish.  - Oil free
- Fragrance free
- SPF 20

Packaging:Awesome!! So much better than the Colorstay. Honestly, only because it has a pump. But pumps are greeeaaaattt.
Bare faced
Foundation applied. 
 Consistency: This foundation is not as thick as the Colorstay foundation. However, I sort of prefer that. I do not need a thick heavy coverage foundation. This foundation does have medium coverage and you can probably build it up to full.Something that is the number one complaint about this foundation is that it is shimmery. It really isn't that shimmery at all. When I first put it on I was actually sort of bummed. I have never had a shimmery foundation and that is what interested me about this foundation. The shimmer is incredibly subtle. I have heard some youtube reviews say that the shimmer draws attention to their imperfections. I totally disagree with that. It is seriously barely noticeable. It doesn't make my skin appear more oily either(another comment I heard).
bare hand
Coverage: The coverage is probably considered medium but buildable. This foundation does not feel as heavy as the Colorstay. It has a pretty matte finish in my opinion however I still put powder over it to make the finish totally matte. I don't find this making my skin more or less oily than normal throughout the day.

This foundation did not break me out which is something that I always get worried about when trying any sort of new facial product.

Unlike the Colorstay, this foundation has no scent. This foundation also only has 12 shades.

I find that this foundation lasts a long time. I don't see it melting off at the end of the day. I use a primer and a setting spray and a setting powder so I believe due to those products most foundations would stay for long hours on my face.

My Conclusion:

-medium but buildable coverage.
-feels pretty light
-the packaging(the pump)is fantasticcc
-I actually like the subtle shimmer
-no scent
-lasts long
-did not break me out
-my favorite out of my three foundations
-does not make me more oily than normal.
-SPF 20

-not as many shades as Colorstay.

Would I recommend this:Yes. If you don't need an incredibly full coverage foundation and you think a tiny bit of shimmer(mostly unnoticeable) sounds like an interesting addition to a foundation then I really do think you'd like this foundation.I honestly prefer this over the Colorstay but I do see why everyone loves that foundation.

Does it look nice in photographs?I don't think it looks any better or worse than my other foundations

Finished makeup:

Hope you guys found this review helpful!

I tried a nude lipstick you guys!I don't really like how it looks but I'm trying to be open to more shades other than red!

Its e.l.f matte lipstick in Tea Rose:

Have a nice day everyone!<3







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