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Review: e.l.f Studio H.D Blush in Superstar + e.l.f Studio Contouring Blush and Bronzing Powder in St. Lucia + e.l.f Studio Cream Blush in Heartbreaker + e.l.f Studio Blush in Gotta Glow + e.l.f Essentials Eyelid Primer in Sheer and Champagne

So so so many products in one review...
Oh welll, better get started!These are just some of the products I rather liked from a recent e.l.f haul.e.l.f is way too addicting because most of the products are quite nice and incredibly inexpensive.I've had these products for 2-3 weeks so I think my opinion on them is rather developed.Since I am reviewing 6 things tonight these reviews are going to be quite straight and to the point.
 e.l.f studio H.D Blush in Superstar:
(excuse my nails. i need to paint them)
I bought this entirely randomly. I didn't see any sort of product review on this that influenced me to buy this.The H.D blushes is one of their rather new products.The packaging is very tiny and comes with a pump. Why doesn't every single liquid product come with a pump?Seriously. Whatever. Anyway, at first you may look at this and be like wow, they really skimped out on some product here. However, a little bit of this blush goes a very very long way.
blended + swatch

That tiny bit of product is all you need for both cheeks. This is so so pigmented. It goes on nicely, however it needs to be blended out a lot. The color is pretty and peachy pinkish. Peach pink blushes are my favorite for my skin tone. 
The color is very true to how it looks in the bottle. Something I was a bit worried about with this product was that it would make my face seem shiny since it is a liquid blush. This really is not the case. The finish is matte and lovely.There are only two things that I do not like about this product. 1. it is a bit hard to control. I'll put some on one cheek and think its the same amount that is on the other cheek but it won't be and its quite noticeable. 2. The order in which I put makeup on goes anti shine, primer, bbcream, foundation, concealer, compact powder and then blush. This blush sort of messes up my powder a bit and makes it look a bit cakey since I have to blend the CRAP out of this product due to it being so ultra pigmented.


-ultra pigmented.
-goes on nicely.
-pretty color
-true to how it looks while looking at the bottle.
-finish is nice and matte.doesn't make my skin look shiny.

-hard to control
-you have to blend this blush so so much.

I really do recommend this though. Its only 3$ and the color is pretty and pigmented.

e.l.f Studio Contouring Blush and Bronzing Powder in St. Lucia:
The packaging for this product is very nice.It feels sturdy and they even threw in a big ol' mirror!I have heard this is a dupe for NARS Orgasm/Laguna duo. I have no idea about any of that though because I have never tried that or any NARS product. I have been meaning to snatch up one of their blushes but I currently have a whole buttload of blushes so...I probably won't anytime soon.
With Flash.
I really really like the blush in this duo. Its a pretty pretttyyy peachy pink shimmery blush. I like it better than my candid coral blush also by e.l.f. I actually don't know if they sell this blush in a single but if they did I would definitely pick it up. I guess this product is powdery?I've heard that but to be honest I barely pick up on those things and I don't really care about that if the product is workable especially if its only 3$ like this is. I don't use the blush on my cheeks because the shimmer is a bit much, however I do use it on my cheekbones as a sort of highlighting blush.
blush on my cheekbones.

The bronzer for this duo is a bit too dark and shimmery for me. I wanted to try out contouring because a lot of people use that technique while putting on makeup and I was curious to see how it would affect my face.I definitely need something lighter in coloring. I can use this bronzer, it is just a bit difficult because I need to use it very very sparingly. My skin tone is usually the lightest to second lightest in foundation shades so I can't really rock awesome bronzers like this to their full capability.
Trying to use it on my temples and cheeks but I just don't really like how this shade looks on me. 
Its also a bit shimmery. I feel like the intention of contouring is to make your face look thinner in a sort of unobvious manner. Adding shimmer draws attention to the product on your face.


-blush is a lovely color. I actually like the shimmer in the blush.
-nice packaging
-fairly pigmented

-bronzer does not go well with my skin. I also do not like how shimmery it is.
Would I recommend this to someone?Sure. The blush is nice. The bronzer would probably look nice on someone a bit more tanned than I am. 

e.l.f Studio Cream Blush in Heartbreaker:

The packaging for this blush is sort of annoying. Its big and the lid for this blush came to me cracked. I always screw it on wrong and have to keep rescrewing it on to get the lid aligned with the container correctly.This blush is actually a bit more expensive than the others at 6$
This blush looks more peachy on the website. It may even look that way in the first photo in the container but the way it comes out is a fairly pale natural looking pink. 
Its a pretty color. This color is just not something I can see myself wearing often. Again, I like peachy pink blushes and this doesn't have much peach to it. A whole ton of people really like this blush, it is just not my favorite.
Applying it is a bit annoying too. While I do love the texture, I apply it with my finger and you have to keep poking it to get more product. I don't know, its just a lot of poking..
The color payoff is pigmented and the blush can be layered to be made more intense.

I don't have a photo of me wearing this blush because I wore the HD studio blush from above today.


-nice color
-nice payoff of color when layered
-awesome texture

-bit more expensive than the other blushes on e.l.f
-not my favorite shade. looked more peachy online.
-having to poke the product over and over again is a bit of an annoying routine to apply product.

Would I recommend this? Yes. I'm just not crazy about the color and application method. However, a ton ton of people love this blush and there seems to be a higher likeliness that you would like this blush rather than not.

e.l.f Studio Blush in Gotta Glow:

THISSSSSS is probably my favorite product from the entire haul. This thing is such a lovely highlighter(the product says blush but it is a highlighter. have fun trying to use that as a blush). I have heard that this highlighter is a dupe for the NARS Albatross highlighter. I've seen videos comparing this and the NARS Albatross and I actually wanted to try out Albatross. However, I like this one perfectly enough so I don't really see the point in paying 7 times the price (I believe the NARS Albatross is somewhere around 21$ whereas this is 3$) Now, I am not very knowledgeable about highlighters but I think this one works beautifully.The packaging is nice. I just apply the product with my finger and swipe it across my cheekbones and brow bones. I've heard of people putting highlights on their foreheads, the bridge of their nose and sometimes even on the balls of the chin. I've attempted that and I don't really like how it looks. This highlighter has shimmer in it so it looks a kind of silly in those areas. Something I have noticed about e.l.f products is that they have a tooooon of shimmer in them. More often than not, their blushes seem to be shimmery. While I like that in some areas, I am actually not too big on shimmery products most of the time.
The highlight is probably unnoticeable but I really do like what it adds to my face.
I've have heard that this product is powdery but again, I really don't notice.


-lovely effect
-easy to use
-favorite item from the whole haul.

-maybe a bit to shimmery for highlighting bridges on noses and foreheads.

Would I recommend this product?Youuuuu bet. This is a very inexpensive highlighter that I just love.

e.l.f Essentials Eyelid Primer in Sheer and Champagne:
I absolutely love these. I have these two and Golden and I love them all. 
The packaging is nice and the applicator is a doe foot.
Champagne on the left and Sheer on the right.
blended out.

I am not a big eyeshadow person. I don't really think I can pull that off with the bold lips I am usually wearing. So I can't really attest for how long these primers make your eyeshadow last however I have heard that it works wonderfully. I like to use these as a sort of nice subtle eye shade to my eyelids.
These feel a bit greasy when they originally go on, However, they dry matte and stay matte pretty much all day.My eyelids can get slightly oily so I really do like that.
What I usually wear is the Sheer primer. I only wore Sheer today so I can't really show you how the Champagne looks on.
Before any product on my eyelids. As you can see the skin there is a bit darker and I have tiny little veins that you can see.

After. As you can see the coloring of my eyelids is much more even so I use this primer as a concealer of sorts.


-lovely worn alone and also makes eyeshadow last longer
-evens out the skin tone on my eyelids.
-I think this product makes your eyelids subtly lovely.
-makes eyelids matte

-maybe the shimmer on some of them?

Would I recommend this:YES. This is the best 1$ thing I have ever bought!

Products used together:

Wooooooooo that was a ton of typing and posting!

Before I go, I just wanted to show you guys 2 more things.

So the other day I ran out of BB Cream. I currently use the Skin79 Orange ++ Super BB cream(no idea if that was the entire name of that product but the name is really long and you probably know what I am talking about)(review: HERE). I ordered a new one but I had to unscrew the packaging together and swipe some product with my finger to get me through the last couple of days.

I'd like for you guys to see the most ridiculous packaging I have ever seen.
Now, i know they say its only 40g of product but I guess I never actually knew how little 40g is!

packaging. Some of the writing rubbed off because I have had it for a couple months.
Okay, so the packaging itself is about 4.5in by maybe 2in. The amount of product was about 1.5-2in by 1in. Maybe I'm stupid but when I got it open I was like holy cow!That is a whole lotta packaging for not alotta product!

Also...I bought more e.l.f stuff from Target. Hahaha I'm sorry!I was was there...our eyes met..
Its not too much stuff!

-studio eyebrow kit in medium
-studio angled foundation brush
-makeup remover cleansing cloths
-essential healthy glow bronzer in sun kissed
-studio pigment eyeshadow in naturally nude

...alot of these I bought and was like oh...I didn't know that was...that. Poop.

if you guys want a review on any of these, feel free to inform meee and I'd be happy to!

Have a nice night everyone!





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  1. Will be getting the Gotta Glow fo sho! Great review. So in love with your color contacts. Please do tell what brand and color. I have a very old so-thin-they'll-tear -apart-inside-my-eye-any-day-now pair of Natural Touh in baby blue.I know it's bad, but can't bring myself to throw them away as my size has been discontinued. Thanks darlin'!


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