Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Review: Dollyeye(EOS) Blytheye New Adult Grey and Dolleye Puffy 3 tone Blue Circle Lens

Okkaaaay. So this review is going to be two reviews.I won Uniqso's I Love Big Eyes giveaway last month. I won 2 pairs of circle lenses. Uniqso was actually really awesome last month and ended up giving 6 people prizes as opposed to the normal 3 they do every other month.The lenses I chose off of their site were the Blytheye grey and Puffy 3 tone blue. I had the Blytheye grey lenses on my wish list for about a month because I loved the pink lenses from that series so I knew instantly that I wanted those. However, my second choice was sort of at random. I always thought the Puffy 3 tones were cute but never particularly wanted them. I chose them because they seem to be a sort of favorite for a lot of people and I tend to have a soft spot for blue eyes because I like their combination with my hair.

ANYWAY, The package came rather quickly. I think they shipped it out June 4th and it came on the 18th. Thats exactly 2 weeks. Not too bad at all.

Cute!! :)


Dollyeye (EOS) Blytheye New Adult Grey:

Design:9.5/10 I love these. Really. They are suck a pale pretty color. I love how drastically different it makes my eyes look because most of the lenses I have are sort of dark.I always read reviews on grey lenses and people say that the lenses they received aren't a "true" grey. I'm not really too sure what that really means but I'm going to assume those people are upset that the color sort of seems bluish? The color of these lenses are really really lovely. I think they are truly light grey. They don't have any blue in them that I can tell.The only thing I wish was different is the outline. I wish the outline were a paler grey then it is.(Its more black than grey) The outline just seems sort of harsh on such a soft pretty color.
Comfort:9/10 EOS is pretty incredibly comfortable on my eyes as far as circle lenses go. They get a little dry but that can be fixed with eye drops. They don't make me have a headache or feel heavy. They are a thin comfortable lens.
Enlargement:8/10 These lenses are 14.8mm. They are definitely a bigger version of by pink lenses but they don't seem like they are 14.8mm. They seem like they are more like 14.5mm. They puffy 3 tones I got with them seem about the same size. Although, with how light these lenses are that could be why they seem smaller.One would think the black outline around them would make them seem bigger but it really doesn't add to the enlargement in my opinion.
Overall:9/10 Ahhhhh I just love these. If you're looking for a very pale grey lens with decent enlargement pick this up.Its lovely and comfy and worth it.

Dollyeye Puffy 3 Tone Blue:

Design:9/10 These lenses are really pretty. They are a vibrant blue and the design is incredibly natural. I just wish they were a bit lighter and there was more yellow in the center. But seriously, they are so gorgeous.
Comfort:9/10 I didn't have these on as long as I had the Blytheyes but they really did seem very comfortable when I had them on. They didn't really seem to dry my eyes out or anything like that.
Enlargement: 10/10 I think they are pretty big for a 14.5mm lens. They seem bigger than the Blytheyes that they came with which are 14.8mm. I love how big and natural and dolly they make my eyes look.
Overall:9.5/10 I really do like these. They design in lovely and the color is vibrant. What more could someone ask for in a lens?Really. I highly recommend these if you want a beautiful natural lens.
My camera :)

My kittttyyy!!

If you would like to purchase theseeee
go here:
Dollyeye Blytheye Grey:here
Dolleye Puffy 3 tone Blue:here


  1. I REALLY like you with blue lenses! And blytheye grey is one of the prettiest grey lenses imo :3 I just had to throw mine out recently though ;U;

    1. Thank you!Blue colored lenses are probably my favorite. But I'm beginning to develop a thing for light grey lenses. I really like the blytheye series. The colors seem so stunning. And oh no! You should invest in a new pair!

  2. You look stunning! The combination of the lenses and your bright led lips is beautiful.

    1. Thank you! aha I <3 lenses and lipstick!

  3. THANK YOUUUU!!!! ♥♥♥♥(°◕‿◕°)♥♥♥♥♥

    you do such wonderful reviews!!!!

    (& u look FAB in every lens!!!)

    this is one of my absolute FAVE blogs!



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