Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Review and tutorial:Dolly Wink Eyebrow Mascara 02 Mocha + Dolly Wink Eyebrow Powder 02 Chocolate Brown + brow tutorial

These are two of the three products I got from Pretty&Cute. Now, I have heard of Tsubasa Masuwaka
and her makeup brand because I have seen many many reviews on her incredibly popular line of eyelashes. I wear individual eyelashes so I don't really have a need for her eyelashes. However, I do have quite uneven brows so I wanted to try these products out to see if I could get my brows to look lighter and more even with these.

Back of mascara. No idea what any of that says.
Back of powder, again no idea what that says either.
So this is the mascara. To be honest I did not expect the coloring to be that...coppery?Yes, coppery. It is so coppery. I couldn't really find a review for this product (although to be honest, I didn't look too hard) but when I think of the color mocha i sort of think of a light brown color. Not so much Copper.  Although part of me sort of kind of likes that the coloring is coppery. I'm a little weird and I like have shimmery eyebrows.The brush looks very similar to a eyelash mascara brush.
This is the powder. I rather like that you can mix the colors of the powder to get the brown to be however light you'd like. What I don't like is the brush it comes with. I just use an eyeshadow...thing...I don't know what they're called. The thing you put eyeshadow on with.Its easier in my opinion and because my eyebrows are uneven when they start I try to make the one round like the other which is another reason why the eyeshadow applicator thing is more useful than the brush this thing come with.

So Basically:

Packaging:5/5 Its cute, its flowery, it has Tsubasa's pretty face on it. There isn't really anything to complain about.

Application:4/5 I know I shouldn't be lumping these two products together but I feel like I wouldn't like them as much if I didn't buy them together. Anyway, they are both easy to apply. Sometimes I get too much mascara on my brows and that is sort of annoying because since this product is quite waterproof its a little bit hard to get off.However, I don't really consider it being waterproof a bad thing because I won't sweat it off and it would probably stay on if I went swimming.  Like I said, I also don't like the brush the powder comes with.I'd recommend getting an eyeshadow..thing

Effectiveness:5/5 I think these products are very effective. You'll see how effective in a moment when I show the tutorial part to this.The two products cover up my dark hairs and make my brows look about as even as I can get them to look.


These are my uneven eyebrows. So for the record, I was not born this way. I made them uneven back in middle school because I used to get the things waxed every 1-2 weeks. Seriously, all my allowance would go to getting my eyebrows waxed because they were super thick and I think the popular thing then was to have thin eyebrows(sorry, I succumb to peer pressure at the time) Anyway, one thing led to another and some lady messed them up and then some other lady messed them up even more and now the right side grows in upward and the left side grows in to the side. I guess I could have worse things wrong with my face so in the grand scheme of things uneven eyebrows isn't so bad.
The top left photo is my right brow with nothing on it.
 In the top right photo I applied the powder to my brow. I ran the eyeshadow applicator along my brow and filled in areas that were thin and attempted to match my left brow. Since my left brow grows in to the side the beginning of that brow is a bit more round than my right and I have to attempt to make the beginning of my right brow more round which is where the eyeshadow applicator comes in handy.
In the bottom left photo I apply the eyebrow mascara rather thoroughly along my brows and the product comes out a bit more blond than I would like it to so in the bottom right photo I apply a tiny bit more powder to make the blond more of a light brown.

This is the end result. I believe the brows look a bit more even and groomed than when I started. 
Oh my unbrushed hairrrr
Why light brown brows and black hair?I sort of like the two together :)I also think that my brows stand out a little less with the light brown which makes them also look a bit more even. 

Have a good day ya'll!

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