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Review: MAC Brow Set in Beguile + Milani Brow Tint Pen in Dark Brown + My Current Brow Routine + e.l.f Haul

ANOTHER BROW PRODUCT?Yes. I think I have a serious brow obsession.Every brow product I buy isn't quite the effect I am looking for and to be honest I am not even sure what effect I am looking for anymore. But whatever, I don't regret buying either of these products so that's pretty good.I'm going to apologize right now, these photos aren't the best because I was sort of trying to hurry because I was applying this makeup before work and it was rather early in the morning >.<.
So lets get to these reviews!

MAC Brow Set in Beguile:

 Product claims:
A brush-on gel that strokes brows into shape. Adds shine and style. No flaking or stiffening. Tinted or clear. Also grooms lashes, sideburns and facial hair. 

So my experience at the MAC store was sort of crappy. There was one dude working there and he was incredibly busy. I couldn't find this tester to swatch it and they seemed to only have this shade and Girl Boy in stock. I found a Girl Boy tester in some random cup so I swatched it and the shade looked like a bit less pigmented version of my Dolly Wink Eyebrow Mascara in Mocha (review:here). I decided that I definitely didn't want that one because it seemed just as coppery and golden as the Dolly Wink mascara. Show Off is the darkest shade in the brow set and since they didn't even have that one I didn't bother swatching it. Plus, it looks quite dark and I want lightish brown eyebrows with my black hair.
These brow sets are quite pigmented. However, the Dolly Wink mascara is more pigmented than this. I don't really like wearing this brow set alone. I actually like mixing the Dolly Wink mascara ,using it first and then dulling it down with the MAC brow set.The MAC brow set in beguile isn't quite the color I wanted. Its a bit of a dull brown. I don't think eyebrows should be vibrant. This is why the Dolly Wink brow mascara bothers me in the first place, it makes my brows too vibrant. However, this brow set just isn't quite the light brown I was looking for.
The applicator is actually really nice. The bristles are a bit finer than the Dolly Wink so the product doesn't clump as much.
(Left to right)Revlon Brow Fantasy in Light Brown, Dolly Wink Brow Mascara in Mocha and MAC Brow Set in Beguile.
The MAC is much more pigmented than the Revlon but slightly less pigmented than the Dolly Wink.

Anway, basically!

-fairly pigmented
-not too metallic. (Dolly Wink is a bit too metallic)
-nice applicator brush
-actually brown, unlike the Dolly Wink which by the name sounds like it would be a light brown brow mascara but its so not.
-I like that it dulls down the Dolly Wink brow mascara
-keeps my brows in place and helps me style them and make them as even as possible( I have uneven brows)

-not quite the color I wanted.
-dull brown. not really light or dark.
-would be nice if they offered more colors. theres only 4 and 1 is clear.

Would I recommend this?Yes. Its a nice brow mascara and at 16$USD its not as expensive as some other brow mascaras.

Milani Brow Tint Pen in Dark Brown:
 Product Claims: 
 -Long lasting
-Sheer tint of color
-dries quickly

I'm not planning on doing a review on that sharpener because I only bought it to sharpen my Milani jumbo eyeliner pencil things. I bought an e.l.f one but they wouldn't fit!So that was a total waste of money. Anyway, while looking around MAC I found their Penultimate Brow Marker. I was really interested in it but I am not paying 18$ for a brow marker. I know you guys are probably like wha?you just dropped 16$ on a brow mascara. These markers seem to be sheer but buildable. I don't think that would work with filling in my brows since they're rather thick. Plus I fill in my brows with the Dolly Wink eyebrow powder( review: here)I just really wanted a marker to do a bit more of a feathered hair look when outlining my brows.
Looks pretty much just like a marker.
The color is quite sheer. By the way, they also have a color option called taupe I believe. This looked way too light for what I wanted. I'm glad I got dark brown because I think taupe would've been unnoticeable on my brows.
I am pretty content with this brow pen. It does what I need it to do and it was only...7$USD. Can't beat that right?This pen gives my brows a soft sort of outlined look.
Oh, by the way, before I got this product I read reviews on it. Some people who reviewed this brow marker said the dark brown shade gives off a greenish color after a number of hours. I didn't notice this with my brows. However, I don't use this marker alone. That may be something to keep in mind if you decide you want this. 


-nice light lining to the brows.
-can mimic hair if you do the strokes soft and a bit swiftly.
-I like the sort of sheer coloring of it.

-this doesn't bother me, but the dark brown shade isn't very dark. also, this may give off a green tint to your brows.
-you have to wait until they are completely dry to make the color darker by layering

Would I recommend this product?Yes. Its a nice soft alternative to a brow pencil.Its also rather inexpensive.

Current Brow Routine:

(these are the slightly crappy pics I was talking about the beginning. Sorry again!)
Bare uneven brows
I use one of these eyeshadow applicators to apply the brow powder. The brow powder comes with an eyebrow applicator but I sort of prefer using this first and then that.
 After brow powder and brow tint pen. Quite Dark.
 You should apply the brow powder along your brows. Attempt to make the two brows as similar as you possibly can. I get out the eyebrow applicator to sort of line the brows sometimes.
After the Dolly Wink brow mascara. You tend to have to apply this lightly because it is very pigmented and the applicator catches a ton of product. It is very easy for this mascara to catch too much product and you end up looking a bit crazy.
After dulling down the Dolly Wink brow mascara with the MAC brow set. Sorry I changed lighting! I know it may not be obvious because of the changed lighting but the brows are dulled down.

Detail of brow feathering with tint pen:
 Hopefully it is a bit more obvious here.

So to show you guys how this brow set has dulled down the Dolly Wink Brow mascara here is a photo with just the Dolly Wink mascara taken from a previous blog post:
Taken today:
Do they look okay?A bit more dulled down?

Hopefully they do!

e.l.f haul:
I like e.l.f products too much!Seriously, they are way too cheap its ridiculous.And they have such good deals!I bought things during their 50% off studio products promotion.

Products I purchased:

-e.l.f essential dual sharpener
-e.l.f studio cream blush in heartbreaker
-e.l.f studio contouring blush and bronzer powder in St Lucia
-e.l.f studio HD blush in superstar
-e.l.f studio blush in gotta glow
-e.l.f studio daily brush cleaner
-e.l.f studio brush shampoo
-e.l.f essentials eyelid primer in champagne
-e.l.f essentials concealer brush
-e.l.f studio lip exfoliator
-e.l.f studio matte lip color in rich red
-e.l.f studio matte lip color in tea rose
-e.l.f makeup remover cleansing cloths.

I think thats everything!Tell me if you want me to review any of these!

Gosh that was a long post.I'm going to sleepys. Goodnight y'all!

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  1. You're a lovely young woman with striking features. Having said that, I sincerely hope you'll take my comments in the spirit of kindness with which they're intended. Your brow routine is much too heavy-handed. It overwhelms your face; instead of framing your beautiful eyes and bringjng balance and symmetry to your face (which should always be the goal of a bespoke brow), they are distracting. They are too heavy, too overworked, and inappropriate for your colouring. I actually much prefer your brows in the untouched photo. You have such a perfect natural shape and colour to work with. My best to you.


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