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Review: Neutrogena Skin Clearing Mineral Powder in Natural Ivory, Neutrogena Healthy Skin Liquid Makeup in Natural Ivory, Maybelline 24hr Color Tattoo Eyeshadow in Too Cool, and Revlon Brow Fantasy in Light Brown

I am reviewing WAY too many products in this post. Sorry for the long title! These are just some of the makeup products I picked up at the drugstore this week and last week. Two of the products are re-buys and the other two are products I'm buying for the first time.
So lets get right on with it since this post is going to be quite long!

Warning:Unattractive photos ahead!

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Liquid Makeup in Natural Ivory:
I should have taken more photos of the product however I didn't for whatever reason. Its infront of me so i'll type what the packaging says:

-exclusive antioxidant blend
-SPF 20
-Keeps skin's young and healthy look
-Lightweight silky formula

So this is one of the products that is a re-buy for me. You guys are about to see that my skin is not perfect. It isn't terrible but I do get the occasional pimple or two or three!

My shade is the step above the lightest shade. The lightest shade is Classic Ivory. I can use either (I have) but I just thought this one would match my skin better since it seems to be a bit redder than the classic ivory. 

Right off the bat, I would like to say that something I do not like about this product is that it is lacking a pump. These don't get particularly dirty but a pump is just more sanitary.

The only makeup I am wearing here is the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer and the Smashbox Anti Shine.Nothing to conceal.

Before I use foundation I use the Skin79 Orange Plus BB Cream.
After BB Cream.

Between my lotion, my BB cream and this foundation I have so much friggin' SPF on my face! Seriously. Its probably excessive or something.

 This is the consistency. Its not very heavy at all. The packaging claiming its light weight is rather accurate. 

I normally wear about a nickel size amount of product on my face.I apply the foundation with a blending sponge. 

This is what it looks like blended out on my hand. I don't know if you can even see it. The product blends into my skin quite nicely.

 The foundation blended out on my face.

This foundation has been a repurchase for me for a number of different reasons. I have tried quite a lot of different drugstore foundations and quite a few high end foundations. I like how this product feels on my face. It doesn't feel heavy. I would say the coverage is medium since I do not use this product alone.  It blends into my skin very nicely and doesn't leave a line of product. This product also doesn't make me break out which is very good. I have actually looked at quite a few Youtube drugstore foundation reviews (I love me some beauty video Youtube when i'm bored!) and a lot of people really do like this foundation. However, I also saw a few people saying this foundation broke them out.  I found that a bit peculiar since the product claims to be quite good for the skin. I looked up the ingredients on (a site which analyzes makeup ingredients to tell you whether they will irritate or cause acne to your skin) and this foundation actually scored some high scores in causing acne. It doesn't make my sort of sensitive skin break out but I guess it is a possibility that it can cause someone else's skin to. 

I love this product, but I do like trying out different foundations and I think for my next one I will try out the Revlon Photoready since it is raved about on Youtube. 


-ok coverage
-blends out nicely
-does not feel heavy on my face
-does not break me out
-matches my skin nicely

-no pump
-I have heard it causing some people to break out.

Since I do like this product and the powder I am about to review, I am also quite interested in Neutrogena's anti shine primer.

Neutrogena Skin Clearing Mineral Powder in Natural Ivory:

Should have taken more pictures of the packaging. Sorry!
That can probably be read but I'll type it out anyway.

2 ways in 1 to cover, treat and help prevent breakouts!
-blemish treatment with salicylic acid
-formula with MicroClear technology treats and helps prevent breakouts
-oil absorbing powders instantly control shine
-mineral formula is gentle on skin
-mirror included
-two sided applicator for a fresh shine free look
-orange side: for sheer coverage
-white side:for fuller coverage

I forgot to take a picture of the sponge!AHH SORRY! I actually don't use the sponge thing. I use my e.l.f powder brush to apply it to my face. The sponge is nice and definitely useable but...the powder brush is awesome so...

I have used the sponge before and I can vouch for the one side giving a more sheer coverage and the other side giving a fuller coverage.

Product on my fingerrr
I did apply it to my hand can't even see it at all. Seriously, this and the foundation just blend into your skin nicely.

Applied to my skin.
-I also Revlon's Photoready concealer before I use this product

I actually honestly love this powder. The coverage is nice,  and it leaves a matte finish. It doesn't cake up either.I haven't looked up any Youtube videos to see how this powder is received by other people because I just love it. It doesn't make me break out. The Salicylic Acid doesn't dry out my skin either.The powder also isn't messy. It doesn't get everywhere when i am trying to get some product.

It is really just a very nice powder.If you are looking for a powder and your skin isn't perfect, go for this. Or if you are just looking for a powder I would recommend giving this a try.


- nice coverage
-acne fighting ingredients
-not cakey
-the sponge it comes with is pretty nice
-does not break me out
-blends with my skin nicely.

Nothing. I love this product.

Maybelline 24hr Color Tattoo Eyeshadow in Too Cool:

The packaging for this is pretty nice. It comes in a nice little glass tub thing. 
Ahh!The eyeshadow looks so nice and snowy and untouched!

The reason why I bought this eyeshadow isn't because I wanted a white eyeshadow. I am not too big on eyeshadow and I don't think I would wear a white eyeshadow to be honest. The reason why I bought this is because while looking through Youtube(of course) I found a beauty blogger named Voussontbeauetbelle and she is absolutely adorable. I really love how she does her inner eye crease thing.I was looking through her videos and she says in her daily makeup video that she uses this product in that area.


I can honestly say that as an eyeshadow this product is really nice. I have seen these things raved about on blogs and Youtube. Even though I bought this for a specific reason I am quite interested in the other colors in this line. There are some seriously beautiful shades. This product doesn't come with any sort of applicator. You can buy that separate (I think its about 5$) .It looks like a rather nice applicator. 

By the way, these shadows really do last a very long time. They are also a bit hard to get off. I had to scrub quite a bit to get that giant swatch off.

Becca (voussontbeauetbelle) says she applies the shadow with an e.l.f essentials concealer brush. I don't have that (I ordered one but it hasn't gotten here yet) so I have actually been applying it with an extra little eyebrow applicator thing I have. It works okay. I am not to great at eyeshadow to begin with so controlling this shadow into a line is quite hard for me.

I feel like I haven't mastered doing this technique yet. Hopefully it'll get easier once the concealer brush comes in the mail. 


-long lasting
-doesn't just rub off
-pretty color. quite a few colors in the series
-nice texture

 -Maybe a bit hard to handle as a liner.

Revlon Brow Fantasy in Light Brown:

I buy way too many brow products that I end up disliking.

Product claims:
-colors, shapes and sets brows

 Why is it so hard to find a Western brow mascara?I just don't feel like buying one off of ebay and having to wait 2 weeks on it or buying it off of and paying 15$ for a brow mascara. While I do love my current DollyWink eyebrow mascara(review: HERE) it is hard to control and I have to use it very lightly or I look crazy because it is a very coppery shade. I originally wanted the e.l.f brow treat and tame however the shade I wanted was out of stock. So I walked around CVS for 30 minutes looking for a brow mascara. I wanted the Milani one however for whatever reason there were none of the shelf(I didn't ask about it) So I walked around some more and I still couldn't find a brow mascara. I did find this though. Doesn't the one side appear to be a brow mascara? ITS NOT.Its just a rather clear sort of brownish(it just looks dirty!) looking gel. 

The pencils ok. But I didn't want a pencil!I wanted a brow mascaraaaa.

I just don't understand. If you are going to appear to be a brow mascara, why not be one?Who wants a dirty brown looking gel?I'm probably being stupid because this product never claimed to be a brow mascara.
With my DollyWink eyebrow powder +  Revlon Brow Fantasy gel and pencil.

I can't really use this alone because the reason why I want a nice light brown brow mascara is because I don't want my brows to be so dark. I want lighter brown brows.

In the end I still have to apply the DollyWink Brow Mascara over the brow powder and pencil and gel.


-the pencils ok.
-not a brow mascara even though it looks like one

Finished makeup: 


Hope you guys are having a nice day!
I will leave you with this:

Went to a carnival yesterday with the cute boyfriend :)






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