Monday, October 15, 2012

Review: Benefit High Beam Highlighter + Hoola Bronzer

A makeup technique I have been really interested in learning how to do lately is highlighting and contouring. Highlighting is a fairly easy technique however contouring really..isn't. It was pretty hard for me to actually find a bronzer I could use since I am quite pale. It was also difficult finding a matte bronzer. After purchasing about...5 drugstore bronzers that were either too dark or too shimmery or too red I decided to splurge on Hoola.I also picked up high beam because I am a total sucker to highlighters.
Onto the review!

Benefit High Beam:
(That fluffy thing this is sitting on is actually a dress. I know I've been using that alot to display products on lately but it looked so pretty with High Beam's packaging.)
Product Claims:
The makeup artist's secret to a healthy glow!
-Benefit High Beam is an ethereal pink liquid highlighter that creates a radiantly dewy complexion. For an angelic sheen, this pink shimmering lotion adds a soft, natural afterglow.
Perfectly adorable. It looks like a little nail polish bottle.
I've heard some people say that the applicator is unsanitary but it really doesn't bother me.
Blended out.

I actually really like the effect of this product.I think it really does give you a super natural glow. Do I think it was worth the 26$ I paid for it?Ehhheh. I am actually not sure. I know e.l.f has a dupe for this at 3$.While the glow it gives is so nice and natural its almost a bit too natural. I know that may sound stupid but there almost isn't a giant noticeable difference with or without this product. Sometimes I'll layer my e.l.f Gotta Glow on top of this for an extra nice highlight(maybe thats highlighting excessively? whatever, I like the effect!)

How I apply this product: I just swipe the applicator across my cheekbones and my brow bone and blend it in.

I do have one annoyance about this product. When i apply makeup I apply blush and then my highlighter(this may be in the wrong order but I don't want my blush to cover my highlight) When I apply this highlighter on top of my blush it sort of pushes the blush aside and it  gathers creating an ultra pigmented blush area which is very difficult to blend out. Its not too noticeable but it bothers me. 
Blended out.


-natural highlight
-pretty effect and color
-nice packaging

-pushes my blush aside
-some people may not like the applicator

Would I recommend this? If you have an extra 26$ and you are looking for a really rather nice natural highlighter then go for it. However, you could probably find something just as effective at the drugstore since I have seen a couple dupes for this product.

Benefit Hoola:

After purchasing seriously...4 or 5 drugstore bronzers and hating them I decided to splurge on this.I was going to purchase a darker powder compact but I really didn't want to spend anymore money on products I might not be able to use when I was fairly certain this product would work. I've seen a number of pale skinned contouring videos on youtube where this product is used with wonderful results.

Product claims:
This powder is like Barbados in a box! Sweep Hoola across the chin, cheeks, and forehead with the accompanying brush for a healthy, natural looking tan year-round— no tanning bed necessary. 
Always tap off excess powder to avoid applying too much color. This is a contouring bronzer that can also be used to highlight features of your face.

Adorable. It comes in a little box with a brush. The top of the box is attached to the bottom and it sort of pops into place when you go to close it.I find it nice that they included a brush since most high end cosmetics don't. 


As you can see this bronzer is pretty light and buildable which is exactly what I wanted. It is also MATTEEE. So thats awesome.

How I apply:I am still pretty new with contouring and I don't really have many brushes (I am getting some more in the mail this week) but I first take the brush this product comes with and apply the product sort of heavily but not really to my cheekbones. I then blend it out with a blush brush. After that I apply the bronzer around my temples, forehead and cheeks. I also apply it a bit under my jaw and around the bridge of my nose. 
I am really new to this so I probably don't contour very well but I am really trying to get the hang of it. I think it'll become easier once I get the right tools.

I may be applying this badly but whatever, I am just getting the hang of it.

Do I think this bronzer was worth the money?Well...yea. After buying 5 bronzers that I couldn't use and finally getting one that I can I am quite happy with the purchase.

This bronzer goes on nicely and blends well with my skin tone. 


-relatively pale bronzer which is awesome for contouring and this can be built up.
-be careful not to use a heavy hand with this
-good for contouring with pale skin(and also probably tanned skin as well)

-Nothing really in my opinion

Would I recommend this?Yes. If you need a good matte contour then splurge on this. 

 Look with both of these products:

Oh you guys!I actually wore a bit of eyeshadow the other day!


I may be updating a bit less frequently this month and next month. You see, my boyfriend needs to go back to his country (Kuwait) for 2 months to apply to graduate school and I am going to join him for 1 of those months so I have been busy getting the necessary things together to leave. I have never been anywhere outside of the US and i've only been to the states surrounding my state so I expect this to be an interesting adventure. I am leaving on the 31st.

Have any of you guys ever tried either of these products?Whats your favorite highlighter and contour? Have you ever been to Kuwait?

Have a nice day everyone!








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