Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Review: Maybelline Touch of Light Luminizing Face Glow + Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss in Pearl Plum

Yayy my first review in a whole month! I actually bought this awhile ago but I got fairly backed up with reviews.I picked these both up from my local supermarket. I believe the Maybelline highlighter was limited edition so I don't think its around anymore which is seriously unfortunate because i love it.
Maybelline Touch of Light Luminizing Face Glow:

What the Product Claims: Luminizing gel formula reflects light to highlight skin creating a warm shimmery glow.

Packaging: I actually like that this product is a squeeze tube. The only other liquid highlighter I have is Benefit's High Beam and I prefer this squeeze tube to that nail polish style applicator. 

At first glance this probably looks like it is going to look absolutely stupid on my skin tone since it is much darker and this is supposed to be a highlighter. 

Once you rub this in it really does blend out nicely. A problem I have with the High Beam highlighter is that it blends horrendously with my skin once I apply my foundation and powder. It completely rubs off whatever other product is on my cheekbones. This isn't as thick as High Beam so it sits on top of whatever product is underneath it.

This is only applied to my cheekbones and brow bones here and as you can see it has sheered out and the dark coloring of this highlighter doesn't look silly on my light complexion. 

I have seen other reviews on this where people said they didn't like how sheer this is. I can understand how that would be irritating for someone with a darker skin tone because initially the color that comes out of the tube would probably make for a beautiful highlight however for this to work on my skin tone I need it to sheer out. 


-does not remove the product underneath the highlighter like High Beam.Sits on top of skin.
-nice pretty highlight that reflects light well.
-I like how it sheers out because that is the only way this color would work for my complexion.
-nice packaging
-fairly inexpensive. It was only about 8$

-This may sheer out in a bad way for deeper skin tones.

Would I Recommend this Product?yerp. 

Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss in Pearl Plum:

Before I get into this review I just want to inform you guys about how much I absolutely hated lip gloss before buying this lip gloss.  I used to be obsessed with lip gloss in middle school and then once high school rolled around I hated how some of the glosses I was wearing felt absolutely gross and sticky on my lips. The last sort of lip gloss I can recall trying semi recently is those e.l.f liquid lipsticks(...those are lip glosses. am I crazy?why are they called lipsticks?) and those things are disgustingly sticky. My hair is down to my booty so I cannot stand when my hair gets stuck to my mouth and that happened constantly with that thing. This rant aside, I love these Revlon lip glosses.

What the Product Claims: Silky. Sexy. Brilliant. This glossy formula by Revlon combines sheer color and intense moisture with light-reflecting spheres to create amazing shine. SPF 15

Packaging: The packaging is your typical lip gloss packaging. It looks nice though. It doesn't look cheap at all really. 

The pigmentation on this is nice. Its not crazy pigmented but it can make your natural lips slightly darker. I don't normally wear lip gloss alone because I like bold lips so I end up usually layering this on top of a lipstick. The nice thing about this is that it can darken up brighter lipsticks. 
The most wonderful thing about this lip gloss is how nice it feels on your lips. It is not sticky at all. My hair doesn't get stuck to it. This lip gloss doesn't bother me at all when i wear it. 

How the two products look together. Looking a bit too natural for my liking.


-feels lovely
-not sticky
-adds a nice bit of color to lips.
-looks nice on top of lipstick.

-I really can't think of anything I do not like about this.

Would I recommend this?:Yes yes yes. These feel lovely and look lovely. 

There's my review!Have a good day everyone!





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