Friday, September 20, 2013

Sponsored Review: EOS Blytheye Blue Circle Lenses

Diameter : 14.0mm
Water Content : 38%
Base Curve : 8.6mm
Life Span : 1 Year Disposal
Hey guys!Long time I haven't done a circle lens review in so long! That is for a number of reasons honestly, but mostly because I wanted to give my eyes a bit of a break from circle lenses. While circle lenses are pretty much safe and dandy they just aren't as comfortable to wear(and I have to wear contacts on an everyday basis due to being blind) as normal lenses. Maplelens kindly sponsored me a pair of lenses for review. If you guys hadn't seen I reviewed the pink version of this series as well as the grey.
With having so many pairs of circle lenses(this is my 24th) I have also had a lot of experience with circle lens companies and my honest opinion is that is my favorite company to date. They have a fine selection of lenses with prescriptions(what I need), the lenses that are on the more inexpensive side, the communication is great and they have coupons that actually give you a percentage off the item as opposed to some sort of free gift with purchase(which is usually a hair velcro thing or an eye mask from my experience).
The lenses came quite nicely bubble wrapped.
The box was a nice extra added precaution.

No Flash

Design:8/10 While I do like this design I am not incredibly crazy about this blue shade. Most blue circle lenses are this dark blue shade and while its a pretty color I prefer lighter lenses on me. I do like how this design fades into one's natural eye color. This blending dotty gradient effect is really cool as I've said before with this series of lenses. These lenses give you a sort of dolly effect with the strong limbal ring but nothing too intense since they aren't huge lenses(only being 14mm).
Comfort: 7/10  Since I haven't worn circle lenses in a very long while I didn't expect to have the greatest comfort with these. While they are just as comfortable as any other circle lens out there unfortunately my eyes were not used to how thick circle lenses are compared to normal everyday lenses.

Enlargement: 6/10 These lenses are only 14mm so I was not expecting any real significant enlargement effect and there really wasn't one. These lenses do have a strong limbal ring so that does add a bit of an enlargement effect but nothing drastic. 
Overall: 7/10 I do like the design on these lenses but I am not incredibly crazy about the color. The comfort wasn't great for me but that is because my eyes are not used to circle lenses anymore. These lenses give you a sort of more natural dolly effect with the strong limbal ring design and the vibrant color.

Want these? Get them HERE

Have a great day guys!

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