Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Review:EOS New Adult(Blytheye) Pink circle lenses

Soooo I actually won these lenses from the Candylens monthly photo contest. I got chosen randomly so I didn't really expect to win and I really didn't expect to pick these lenses because I didn't really have any sort of previous interest in them. But I knew I wanted vibrant pink lenses and these seemed fairly pale and pretty.Oh!These lenses were also sent via registered post and they came probably the fastest ive ever gotten lenses before!I actually didn't expect them to come so fast and i missed the post man. I think they sent them out...May 5th or 6th and I got them on May 17th.Thats insanely fast with registered post, atleast from my experience.

I have ordered from Candylens twice before. I am going to be honest, they are probably my favorite circle lens company. Not really so much for their selection (it would be awesome if they had more Fynale lenses) but because of how fast they respond to emails and how seriously adorably their packaging is.They give you the lenses in an adorable little box with a cute little note identifying the lenses you bought. I hope I took a photooooo.

When you win the contest you also get 2 extra gifts. They sent me a travel size BBcream and a face mask.  I didn't do a review for these but I really did love how both of these products made my face feel.
Design:9/10 The color on these is amazing. Really, just beautiful. The gradient is also. The way the speckles fade into the natural color of your eye is really just beautiful. I sort of wish the outline of the design was a bit more faded. Really recommend if you're looking for a very very vibrant lens.
Comfort:9.5/10 So these are my first pair of EOS lenses. They really really really feel awesome. With the water content only being 38% this completely baffles me. I mean, these are smaller than my other circle lenses but they really do feel awesome on my eyes. I can wear them for a very long time and they don't really get dry. Towards the end of the day they sort of just feel thicker. The lenses themselves are pretty thin but not very thin. I don't get it but they really do feel awesome.
Enlargement:6/10 So I didn't get these because of their size. I got them for their color. They are only 14mm so thats about as big as my normal iris. I do see a tiny bit of enlargement but really not much at all. It would have been nice if they were bigger. I do believe the sell a larger version of these actually, Candylens doesn't have them though.
Overall:9/10 I dunno, I love these. I should probably give them a lower score because if you average out the scores I gave a 9/10 doesn't really make sense but I don't care. They are vibrant and comfy and those are some of my favorite circle lens traits.

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