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Review: Milani Baked Blush in 01 Dolce Pink + L'Oreal Colour Caresse Shine Stain in 190 Endless Red

Ohhhh yes. Look at these pretties you guys!I've been wanting this blush for awhile and of course I had to pick up one of the newest lip stains at the drugstore and of course it had to be in red(to add to my ever growing wtf,what are you trying to own every single shade of red possible? pile)!
Milani Baked Blush in 01 Dolce Pink:
What the product claims:(from
A luxurious powder blush that features a mélange infusion of colors baked on Italian terracotta tiles. Easy to use, sensational in texture, the nuances of color become extraordinarily luminous. Silky smooth application leaves your face looking healthy and radiant all day.

Pretty and gold. I've heard people complaining about these feeling cheap and falling apart but fortunately I haven't had any of those problems with the two blushes I own from this line.


Color & Consistency: These blushes aren't SUPER pigmented like the Wet N' Wild ones but with my pale skin its sort of easy for me to look clownish so I don't mind having to swipe my brush 2 or 3 times. The consistency isn't really soft or anything but there's nothing to complain about with it. The color this blush turns out to be is a very pretty pink. It makes your skin look glowy and just nice. I also like that this blush shows up very pink and doesn't have any peach tones once applied on my skin. Some blushes look like a true pink in the pan and then once applied onto my face they turn out to be a peachy pink for some reason.This blush is also shimmery. I like shimmery blush on my cheekbones so I rather like that this is quite shimmery however I don't really recommend this if you have large pores.

on my cheeks


- very pretty true pink color
-cute gold packaging
-doesn't show up clownish on my skin at all ever
-creates a nice shimmery blush/highlight on the cheekbones which creates a nice glowy finish to the skin

-not super super pigmented(which I sort of prefer but maybe others won't)
-since this is quite shimmery it probably wouldn't look flattering if put over large pores.

Would I recommend this?Yes. In my opinion the Milani Baked Blushes are some of the nicest blushes at the drugstore.

L'Oreal Colour Caresse Shine Stain in 190 Endless Red:

As many of you guys may know already word around the makeup blogosphere is that these are dupes for the YSL Glossy Stains or whatever they are called. While I don't own one of those and probably never ever will from what i've heard and seen they look like essentially the same thing. I've heard that the YSL stains are thicker but I really can't confirm that. 

What the product claims:
Discover a stain that thinks it’s a gloss. Now hydration & shine meet lasting, lightweight color. Colour Caresse Wet Shine Stain combines the power of a lip stain with lip-gloss luster. This next generation lip stain, formulated with a blend of light hydrating oils & concentrated pigments, delivers lasting color with a glossy finish. Packed with 30% water, Colour Caresse Wet Shine Stain leaves lips soft, comfortable and hydrated for up to 6 hours.
Lipstain Power: Fresh color feels barely there
Lipgloss Shine: Lacquer shine + Non-Sticky feel
Caring Color: 6HR continuous hydration

It feels cheap but it looks pretty cute. Its sort of unique though, I haven't really seen anything like it at the drugstore or else where for that matter. The applicator is also nice. I've heard that some people aren't really into sponge tip applicators but i'm fine with em' and since this one is pointed it makes applying this stain much easier.

After being rubbed off.
lip swatch

Color & Consistency: The color pay off for this red one is beautiful. It can be layered as well. I've heard that the lighter ones aren't as pigmented as the darker shades. This red color is quite nice. Its not too in your face but its definitely a nice pigmented red. When I first purchased this I wasn't too happy with the consistency. While the product claims to be non-sticky it is quitteee sticky at first. The stickiness dies down a bit after wearing it for an hour or two though. I think that has something to do with it becoming less glossy because the glossiness for these seems to wear off a tiny bit. Don't get me wrong, it doesn't really become matte or anything but when you first put this on its almost too glossy. Like slobbery glossy. I've heard some people say they prefer these to the Maybelline SuperStay 10hr Stain Gloss and i've also heard people say that these are nothing like those. I'm going to have to beg to differ on that one. While I slightly prefer the L'Oreal Shine Stain I think these two products are highly comparable to eachother. The L'Oreal Shine Stain is comfier to wear after a couple hours though. It doesn't really dry the lips out at all, or atleast not mine. I do find that these last quite a long time, but they do the same fading in the middle thing it seems that every lip stain does.


-unique packaging
-nice applicator
-nice rather wearable red shade
-layers well
-is a bit comfier to wear for long hours than other lipstains. i also usually have to wear other lip stains with a balm but I don't need to do that with this one. 
-last quite awhile

-packaging does feel a bit cheap
-quite sticky at first but it dies down after an hour or two

Would I recommend this? Sure. Its a nice stain and its comfier than other stains at the drugstore.

Finished makeup with both products:

Oh!I also picked up a Wet N' Wild pink lipstick!I can't recall the name but I figured I'd show you guys since I usually only wear red:

Have you guys picked up any of these L'Oreal Shine Stains? I wanna pick up the lightest shade next since i've been trying to step out of my red comfort zone. 

have a good night everyone!




  1. I have Dolce Pink and I really like it! Like you said, it's not ultra pigmented so I do have to layer it on my medium skin tone but the effect is quite pretty xx


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