Sunday, February 24, 2013

Review: Tarte Emphaseyes Inner Rim Brightener

So after wandering around Ulta for about an hour looking for an inner rim nude colored brightener I finally spotted this one. There didn't seem to be any at all in the drugstore section of Ulta(there is now because Rimmel came out with a nude colored eyeliner but when I was there a month and a half ago they didn't have that out). I really really didn't want to drop 19$ on a flesh colored eyeliner buttt it really seemed like the only option there and I figured I'd probably really like it. 

 What the product claims:
The ultimate in 'wakeup makeup'! An inner rim brightening eyeliner designed specifically for the inner rim of the eye.
Product Performance: This multi-tasker gently glides along the lower inner rim and inner corner of eyes to instantly brighten for a wide-awake effect. It can also be used to highlight the brow bone for an even more eye-opening experience.
Powered By: Beeswax: forms a protective barrier between the skin and the environment.
The packaging is great. I am all about roll up eyeliners because the less work I have to do the better. Roll up eyeliners=yes. Roll up brow liners=no. Roll up brow liners just don't last long at all. But there seems to be plenty of product in this eyeliner. 
Its quite pigmented and suppperrr nice and creamy. I sort of kind of wish the nude color was a tiny but lighter just to make it a tiny bit more dramatic but it looks quite nice and natural on the inner rim. Much more natural than wearing white eyeliner. 
Lasting Power:
In my opinion this lasts pretttyyyy well. It fades by the end of the day a bit though but I definitely think its pretty good for something that doesn't advertise itself as waterproof.
Does it live up to the claims and do I think its worth the money?
I do think it makes for a more awake look and I'm rather happy with it because it does exactly what I wanted it to. Its also nice that it has vitamins and things HOWEVER, once this runs out I am definitely probably just going to buy the Rimmel one. Why?Because it seems like its the same exact color and I'm not too down with the whole 20$ eyeliner thing. I think this is going to last me a couple months so if the Rimmel one didn't exist I wouldn't be too bummed about shelling out the 19 bucks once every couple months. 


-seems to be good for your eyeballs.(lacking many bad ingredients and full of vitamin A & E, aloe, beeswax and minerals)
-cruelty free
-nice packaging
-creamy and pigmented
-makes for a nice natural more awake look.
-pretty long lasting

-Rimmel one showed up at the drugstore like...2 weeks after I bought this for half the price

ANYWAY, thats my review. Hope you guys liked it. Here's some more pics of me wearing:

Have a nice night everyone!<3

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