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Review: Neutrogena Shine Control Powder + Maybelline Define A Brow Eyebrow Pencil in 646 Dark Blonde + L'Oreal Colour Riche Lipstick in 800 Fairest Nude

I picked these little boogers up so long ago and haven't gotten around to reviewing them until now. Lately its been a bit hard for me to balance going to work all the time, updating this blog and making art. But I'm really trying! So anyway, I picked these up at ULTA because uh..i'm obsessed with ULTA. I think I had a coupon for 3.50 off of 10 so of course I bought about...30$ worth of stuff.

Neutrogena Shine Control Powder:

What the product claims: 
-Lightweight powder with patent pending rice protein technology act like a sponge to absorb excess oil so skin stays shine free and fresh looking all day.
-Blends invisibly into skin for a flawless look that's never overdone
-Perfect for on the go touch ups
-Wont over dry of clog pores

The packaging is your typical compact packaging. I like that it isn't chunky because I take this on the go with me for touch ups. I think it comes with a puff. I'm not sure but I don't use puffs anyway. Get yourself one of those cheap wonderful elf kabuki brushes. Those things apply this beautifully.

As i've said in other reviews, I don't know how to swatch powder but this is me poking it and not blending it in.

Does this product live up to the claims?:
Yes. This stuff is great. Seriously. It keeps my skin from being oily and its absolutely perfect for touch ups. I don't really think it cakes up, atleast not particularly so. It also didn't cause me to break out or anything.
The reason why I absolutely adore this product is because its actually saving me about...18some$. You see, before I was using the Make Up For Ever HD powder to mattify my skin. While yes, that stuff does mattify my skin in a nice way but its not really for that. Some Sephora lady suggested it to me years ago and for whatever reason I thought it was a good touch up powder because it was expensive.  Yes, it does make my skin matte but it doesn't last any longer than this product. I still get oily in about...maybe 4 hours. I think this product may actually keep my oiliness at bay longer than the MUFE HD. 
On my skin tone it is invisible, but if your skin tone is much darker than mine I could definitely see this making you look a bit ashy unfortunately. That problem may be solved though with some good blending.


-Saves me a nice deal of money
-makes my skin matte
-doesn't appear ashy on my light skin tone.
-did not cause me to break out
-not too expensive. drugstore
-packaging isnt chunky or anything

-may be ashy on deeper skin tones.

Would I recommend this?Yessss. If your skin is oily try this out! Its just a nice touch up powder. While I don't really think its a miracle worker its nice none the less. This product actually makes me a bit more interested in the other products from Neutrogena's Shine Control line (I know they also have a primer and a foundation)

Maybelline Define A Brow Eyebrow Pencil in Dark Blonde:

What this product claims:
-Blends easily with brow hair
-Waterproof for all day wear
-safe for sensitive eyes
-contact lens safe
-opthalmologist tested

Ohhhh my. So I like and HATE the packaging for this thing. I like that you don't need to sharpen this thing HOWEVER, once you twist this thing up it won't go back down. The tip(sorry I didn't take a picture of it for some reason) is SO small. I get the point of it being small, so the strokes can look thinner like hair BUT this thing breaks so easily. Also, why a comb at the one end?Can every eyebrow pencil just put a spoolie at the opposite end if they want to put anything?Don't be creative, just put a spoolie. 

You guys may be like uhhh girl, why did you pick up dark blond? Your hair is black. And while it is indeed black I thought that the shade on the packaging for the medium brown shade looked supperrr red. One of my biggest pet peeves about brow pencils is a reddish brown one. This Dark Blond color looked a bit more ashy. Also when I put it on it pretty much matches with my natural brow color. The consistency is fairly hard. Which is sort of funny because I was looking for a drugstore brow pencil recently and didnt immediately grab for this one because I find it a tiny bit hard to work with since the tip breaks often and these brow pencils only really last me a month. So I picked up the Maybelline...master brow pencil or something. Its the newer one. That thing is SO waxy and almost a tiny bit too pigmented and soft. The tip smooshes very easily and it makes you brows grossly waxy.Like..slick and shiny. Maybelline, you really just need to work on your brow pencil tips!

Does this product live up to the claims?:
I think this blends really nicely with my brow hair since its basically the same color. It also stays on all day and i've walked to work in the rain and it seems to stay on so I guess its water proof.

before  hellooo shadow fall out.

-blends nicely with my brow hair since its basically the same color.
-doesn't need to be sharpened since you just twist it up
-some people may like how small the tip of this is so you can get some precise hair like strokes
-pretty inexpensive since its drugstore

-overall packaging:put a spoolie instead of a comb, tip is too small for my liking because it breaks easily, when you twist this brow pencil up it won't go back down
-since the tip is so fragile i go through these often. while I do like that twist up pencils don't need to be sharpened I find that they don't last nearly as long as eyebrow pencils you need to sharpen.

Would I recommend this? Um...yes I guess. Haha I recommend it but not enthusiastically. This pencil is just hard to use because it breaks often and it doesn't last long. I like the color and I sort of like that the tip is so fine because it makes the hair strokes more natural looking but I definitely don't like how fragile the tip is. It does the job, it just doesn't make the job easier on me. I think i'm just going to invest in the Anastasia brow pencil, not the retractable one but the one you need to sharpen. I think that would last me quite a while. 

L'Oreal Colour Riche Lipstick in 800 Fairest Nude:

Have you guys ever heard of this lipstick?I feel like its a rather talked about drugstore nude so I had to pick it up since i'm trying to widen my variety of lipsticks.

What the product claims:
The first choice in luxury lipcolor, Colour Riche is deep, luminous color in a weightless, creamy texture. Dewy, botanical formulations moisturize, condition, and last for hours without flaking or splitting.

Nice. Its gold and classy. It even has a sort of little lock notch thing so the lipstick doesn't open in your purse.

No flash

The color is nude. This pretty much is my natural lip color but a tiny bit paler. Its a nice nude color but its nothing I'm incredibly in love with since it just sort of looks the same as me not wearing any lipstick. But hey, I guess thats the point of nude lipsticks right?I think?Ah whatever. The consistency of this is nice. Its not matte, its more of a satin finish. It goes on nice and smooth. It doesn't accentuate the lines in one's lips and it feels comfy to wear.Oh!I also like that it doens't have any shimmer to it. 
 Does this product live up to the claims?Sure. This feels nice on the lips and I didn't notice this wearing off in a weird way but honestly I always reaapply my lipstick after I eat and I eat quite often during the day so I probably didn't wear this for too long.  I also didn't notice any sort of weird scent that some lipsticks have.


-nice packaging
-pretty inexpensive since its drugstore
-feels nice on the lips
-no shimmer
-comfy to wear throughout the day and doesn't accentuate lines on the lips.

-I'm not too crazy about this nude but I'm starting to think that I don't like any color but red. Me not being crazy about the color really isn't something I can blame on the lipstick though since I chose the color.

Would I recommend this? Sure. These lipsticks feel lovely on the lips and everyone seems to like this shade. 

Heres my makeup using all o' these!

By the way guys! My circle lens giveaway ends super soon! Don't forget to join!


I'm going to sleep!Bye everyone!




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