Monday, March 18, 2013

Review: Cargo Blu_Ray High Definition Pressed Powder in 10

I ran out of my Laura Geller Balance and Brighten so I went back to Ulta to pick up another one. When I got home and opened up the powder there was some crazy purple Laura Geller Bronze and Brighten inside. So I went back to Ulta to exchange it and all of the Balance and Brightens they had had a bronzer inside instead of a powder SO I decided to pick up a different high end powder. If any of you guys almost obsessively watch youtube beauty videos like I do you may know of the beauty guru Saaammage. The Cargo blu_ray powder is her favorite I believe and since I do think we have smilar skin types (acne prone, acne scarring, and oily) I figured I might like this powder as well.

What the product claims:
Created for high-definition filming to provide flawless results while looking completely natural. This high performance powder offers great coverage while still looking natural. Photochromatic pigments adjust with the lighting so that you have a natural looking make-up no matter what the setting and ultra-fine micronized minerals fill the look of fine lines and reduce the appearance of imperfections. An irregular particle size creates light dispersion, an effect that softens the look of the skin tone. It also is an oil-free formulation, non-irritating and moisturizing. This is the perfect powder whether you are getting married, going to your prom, having portraits taken or simply want to look fabulous anytime.

ohhhey you can see me!!

Nice. Its just nice. I really can't complain. It doesn't come with a puff or anything but lets be honest here, go out and buy yourself an elf powder brush. If you are going to drop 32$ on a friggin' powder drop another 3$ on a decent brush for it. It comes with a nice sized mirror so thats greattttt.

After BBcream, foundation and concealer.

Pretty alright. Yes it does give you coverage but it doesn't make me feel as flawless as my Laura Geller Balance and Brighten. I think because normally with that stuff if I had some sort of pimple on my face I wouldn't normally have to conceal after putting on that powder. With this powder I do sort of normally(unless my skins being awesome that week) have to apply a tiny layer of stick concealer over a blemish if its extra bad. This does sort of airbrush right over my pores which is nice though. I don't think the coverage is full, maybe a medium coverage.

After all my makeup is done.

Does this product live up to its claims?
I think it does pretty much. I think this product has pretty decent medium coverage and perfects most flaws your foundation and concealer may not be able to cover. It does look natural and I've never really worn this and thought my skin looked cakey.I don't know anything about photochromatic pigments or whatever its talking about in the product claims but this does look fairly nice in photos with or without flash.Something that I absolutely do not like about this powder though is that it developed a sort of hard film over the powder. You know how some powder products get hard and sort of dark(i'm assuming the oil from the makeup brush has something to do with it) and you need to scrape the first layer off to get to useable product?I hate when powder products do that and it rarely is something I have a problem with but that happened with this powder. I do like that this powder seems a bit more my skin tone than the Balance and Brighten powder. 

Does it look nice in photos? I think so. Does it look any nicer than any other pressed powder?No, not really.

How does it control oil? I really only use this to get a tiny bit more coverage and I don't notice any sort of difference oil wise while using this or any other powder unless its a blotting powder.  I still have to reapply blotting powder once every 4-5 hrs.


-decent coverage
-airbrushes my pores
-looks nice in photos however not any better than other powders that don't advertise themselves as high definition in my opinion
-nice packaging
-doesn't cake up
-shade is a bit more my skin tone than some other powders i've worn.

-Quite expensive at 32$
-occasionally I have to top this powder off with a tiny layer of stick concealer.
-this developed that funky powder film that you have a scrape off.
-not many color options.

Would I recommend it? I like this powder but I prefer my Laura Geller one so much more.Once this ones done I think I may try out some drugstore powders i've been pretty curious about. 

ANYWAY, I am seriously about to fall asleep. Hope you guys like my review. Have a good night!!

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