Sunday, March 10, 2013

Review: LORAC Unzipped Eyeshadow Palette

Something that I really really need to stop doing is buying cheaper things in place of certain high end products that I want. Why should I stop doing that?Because in the end, I still want the high end product and I end up buying that as well. Does anyone else do that? Anyway, so I picked this up a couple months back because I wanted one of the NAKED palettes and I had a 20% off coupon for ULTA. As many of you guys may know the NAKED palette is 50$ and even though you get a ton of shadows in that palette it is still a bit of a steep price for me since I wear almost beyond basic neutral looks if I'm wearing shadow at all. This LORAC palette was only...I believe 38$ (which is still high end but...not as expensive) so I decided to pick this up instead because at the time I figured it would make me stop lusting over the NAKED palette as well as save me a couple bucks.
So...months after buying it uh...I still want the NAKED palette.So all in all by the time I get that one i'll have spent 80 some dollars in neutral eye shadows which is rrriidddiiccullousss for me.
Anyway, sorry for the rant!Onto the review!

 This is a photo right after I got the palette. It was at night so this isn't the best lighting but here is what it looks like today with better lighting:
This photo is pretty much true to real life. The only shadow that may not be totally obviously shimmery or matte is Undercover. Undercover is more of a satin finish. Its a tiny tiny tiny bit shimmery. The shimmers are barely noticeable. Oh and Untamed is the tiniest bit shimmery as well.
Even though this feels a bit stupid i'm going to describe the colors for you guys since that seems to be what is done in eyeshadow palette reviews (this is my first one)
(L to R) Undercover, Unbelievable, Unattainable, Unconditional, Unbridled, Undiscovered, Unreal, Uncensored, Unspoken, Untamed.

Undercover: a white creamy color with a satin finish. This isn't SUPER pigmented but I like it. It just sort of super subtly brightens my eyelids
Unbelievable: A copper color. Shimmery and pigmented.
Unattainable: light brown and shimmery and pigmented.
Unconditional: a cool brown color. Matte. I've come to find that the matte colors are pigmented but not as incredibly pigmented as the shimmery colors. They seem a bit harder and aren't as SUPER soft as the shimmery shades
Unbridled: WHAT DOES THIS WORD MEAN? Really, I don't know. Buuttt this color is a matte darker sort of warmer brown.
Undiscovered: pretty pretty shimmery gold. Pigmented.
Unreal: Gorgeous lighter pinkier copper color. Shimmery and pigmented
Uncensored: Darkest shimmery brown. Pigmented.
Unspoken: matte warm brown.
Untamed: very very dark slightly shimmery brown. Very pigmented.

Eye look using Undercover all over the lid,Undiscovered in the outer v and Unconditional in the socket

These shadows are very very soft. Although the softness seems to make them very pigmented it also makes them fragile. As you can see my Untamed shadow is broken. I barely dropped it and that happened. It fell on like...a shirt on a low table and the thing still broke into a billion pieces.

As you guys saw in the picture this palette came with a deluxe sample of the LORAC Behind the Scenes eyeshadow primer.
Rubbed in.

This eyelid primer is nice. Do I think you need it?No. Fortunately for me my eyelids don't really need a heavy duty eyelid primer. When I wear my elf eyelid primer my lids are fine all day. This doesn't perform any better than that one and I feel like the elf eyelid primer evens out my eyelids a bit more. I also have to blend this one more than the elf one. Maybe someone who had super oily eyelids and wears crazy shadow looks would notice how great this may be but I really don't.
The sample has lasted me a couple months though so that's nice.


-blend nicely
-10 shadows for about 40$(I paid 32 with the coupon)
-comes with a deluxe size eyelid primer
-almost half of these are matte which is nice since I didn't know I liked matte shadows until buying this.

-too soft. They break very very easily.
-the primer in my opinion does not work any better than my elf primer on my eyelids.

Would I recommend this? Um...I like this palette, but I still want one of the NAKED palettes.This is a nice palette though.

Look with shadows.  You can barely see them but whatevaaa.

Have a nice night everyone!



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