Sunday, March 31, 2013

Review: Wet N' Wild Nude Awakening Eyeshadow Palette

This is my first Wet N' Wild palette you guys! I've heard great things about these palettes but I could never really find one where I liked all the colors.  When I was browsing through my local grocery market I stumbled upon one of those little...I don't product set ups? Anyway, the set up had this palette, another palette and a bunch of gorgeous nail polishes. I picked up this and one of the nail polishes and I'm really happy that I did!

ze back

There are two mattes in this palette and the rest are shimmery. 

Packaging: Uhhh pretty terrible!Haha, the flower pattern is cute but the packaging just isn't very sturdy. If this fell on the floor each and every shadow would absolutely just shatter. Its nice that they included an applicator. I actually use the black side of the applicator because I don't have many eyeshadow brushes.

Browbone 1: matte light beige. 
Browbone 2: shimmery reddish brown
Eyelid 1: light cool brown
Eyelid 2:dark cool brown
Crease 1: Matte medium warm brown
Crease 2: shimmery light navy
Definer 1: Shimmery olive green
Definer 2: shimmery dark navy

Pigmentation & Consistency: 
Each one is really nicely pigmented. These are also quite soft which I rather like. The consistency of them honestly sort of reminds me of the LORAC shadows because those are super soft too. I think they blend rather nicely with eachother too. They don't get muddy or anything that i've noticed.

As you guys may know I don't really go crazy with eyeshadows so with this look I used Browbone 1 all over my lid and Crease 1 in my crease.  I really do like this eyeshadow combination and i've been wearing it pretty often. 


-really nicely pigmented
-soft and blendable
-wide variety of colors
-you could get a number of looks with these palettes
-so so inexpensive

-since these shadows are so soft I am convinced that they'll crack very easily.

Would I recommend this palette? Heck yes. Pick up one of the Coloricon eyeshadow palettes!They're beautiful. 

Oh guys!!I did a bit of a haul at ULTA the other day because I had a 20% off of everything coupon AND GUESS WHAT I BOUGHHTTT

A Clarisonic!! Oh heck yes! I really do like it. Real quick, I hate that Boscia cleanser, pretty sure I hate the NYX foundation, like the lip butter and I'm pretty sure I really don't like that NYX jumbo pencil. The Blotting sheets are pretty basic and they were actually free with the cleanser.

I'm off. Have a good night!!

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  1. Looks like such a gorgeous palette! I'm glad the new spring palettes have matte colors because I think WnW hasn't done mattes since those deadly sins palettes.


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