Thursday, October 18, 2012

Review: L'Oreal Magic Perfecting Base

Oh my gosh!A product review that isn't 5 different products!This review has been on my product review queue for quite some time. The L'Oreal studio secret professional magic products had me curious to try for awhile because they are expensive for a drugstore brand and you only get a rather small amount of product.My silly self actually assumed that they really were magic.

What the product says: 
Get the perfect skin texture, instantly. Wears all day.
-Smoothes lines
-Hides pores
-Banishes imperfections
The sily, lightweight formula glides onto skin, leaving it velvety-smooth to the touch.
The result- a unified matte finish that's flawless.
-Suitable for all skin types
-Dermatologist tested
Ehh. I'm not crazy about having to touch the product every single time I want to apply it. Why doesn't everything have a pump?Seriously. I mean, my hands aren't dirty but I'd prefer not to have to scoop up the product with my fingers.

Another thing that I am really not crazy about is the amount of product you get with this. Normally with every face product you get 1FL OZ. With this product you get 0.5 FL OZ which is half of what you would normally get. This product retails for about 13-16$. If you do the math this really is not drugstore product priced. To get the normal amount of product that you would normally get you'd have to spend 26-32$. You could get a high end primer for that! The cool thing though about this being sold at drugstores is that drugstores normally have awesome coupons and places like Sephora really...don't.
Blended out
Blended out with flash

You really can't see the effects on my hand.

The texture is pretty thick.I wouldn't really call it creamy though. I'm not sure how to describe the texture. It blends in nicely and leaves a powdery finish which also means it leaves a matte finish which I like.I also like how the finish is soft and smooth.

After perfection base

So one of the reasons I was interested in this base is because the pores on my nose and cheeks are not by any means large in my opinion but as you can see on my bare skin they are sort of noticeable. I wanted to see if this would dull them and make them look a bit more airbrushed. This product actually really does do that. It does dull down and shrink the appearance of pores. I took the after photo several times because I was like WHY WON'T MY FRICKIN' CAMERA FOCUS ON MY PORES? However, I realized that it was focusing. My pores were just dulled down because of the perfecting base.

How I apply this product:
I don't really use this as a primer. I prefer the feeling of my Smashbox Photofinish and my e.l.f Mineral Infused Primer.I would use this up in a week if I applied it all over my face since there is such a tiny amount of makeup in this product. What I do use this product for is minimizing my pores on my cheeks and nose so I only apply it to those areas.


-blends nicely
-leaves my skin matte and smooth and soft
-reduces my pores better than my other primers
-gives your skin a nice airbrushed look

-price is very high for drugstore
-you only get a small amount of product

Would I recommend this product?: Ehhhemm...yes and no. I do like this product but I don't think I need this product. I think it does reduce my pore size but I don't think my pores are terrible. I also like the matte finish but I become oily in the same amount of time as I did previously so it doesn't really prevent oiliness. I would get this if you have an awesome drugstore coupon or...if you like going through primers fast so you can try out other primers?I would also recommend this if you really do have a problem with your pores.

Even though I wasn't in love with this product I do want to try out their other magic studio professional products. They have a highlighter/concealer that looks pretty interesting and a foundation and blush that looks interesting too. Again, these products are pretty expensive for drugstore and don't have as much product as other face makeup products.

Overall look wearing this:
Wearing the primer here and looking super pissed off for some reason :P

Have you guys tried this?
Have a nice night!


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