Monday, September 10, 2012

Lucky Cheng's in New York City

So some of you guys are probably like, what is going on in this picture?Whats Lucky Cheng's?Who are these people?Why isn't this a review? I had a rather fun weekend so I decided i'd show you guys! This weekend I went to Lucky Cheng's in New York for my sister's bachelorette party. The girl with the tiara is my sister and the person in the mask is a drag queen she is getting a lap dance from. Lucky Cheng's is a legendary drag queen cabaret club in...I believe Manhattan. My sister, my sister in law, and two other bridesmaids all went to New York for the night. It was incredibly expensive (I don't know about you guys, but I have never gotten a 500$ bill for a restaurant) but definitely worth it since my sister had fun :)
Warning: This is incredibly picture heavy.

...but all my posts are.
My outfit for the night.
Group minus Vic
drink menu
One of the waitress's had a pizza box hat on. So....that was cool?
Awesome mural
Some woman getting a lapdance
So the lapdances were really intense.It sort of resembled being assaulted more than something sexy?Anyway, it was super hilarious.
sister sister. 
The sassiest drag queen I ever did meet.
Jessy about to get a lapdanceeee
Jessy being super drunk telling everyone where to go.
The next day was hot and I had bad hair and makeup while wandering around New York looking for the bus home.
Sister in law luvv

Anyway, that is what I did with my weekend. Have you guys ever heard of Lucky Cheng's?

Have a good night!<3







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