Wednesday, September 19, 2012

{Sponsored}Review: Candylicious Puffy 3 Tone Violet Circle Lens

Water Content:48%
Prescription:Plano to -8.00 ( in -0.50 per step)
Hellooooo, guys! I am here with a review of the Candylicious Puffy 3 Tone Violet lens super kindly sponsored by Apple of your Eyes <3
I really do love this shop!And not only because they sponsor me lenses, but 1. they have the largest selection of lenses ever(they sell hard to find brands like LuxuryBabe and Fynale) and 2. the owner is just a really super nice lady named Allyson. She actually also sent me a replacement lens for a defective circle lens she sponsored me a month ago(review: HERE) which was AWESOME because now I can wear those super cute lenses!

Even the lens case was bubble wrapped!So safe!
CUTE LITTLE BUNNIES!Ahhh!And they were gift wrapped!That was awesome because I had no idea what lens they were. 
Review aside, I think this picture is cute :)
No flash
Design:9.5/10 I think the puffy 3 tone lenses are seriously one of my favorite designs. They are just nice and natural and vibrant. I feel like my ideal contact lens is incredibly vibrant yet natural and that is exactly what this lens is.I even like that they are purple and I've never been too crazy about purple lenses. Something that would have made them a perfect 10 is if they were a bit of a lighter shade of purple.
Comfort:6/10 My eyes DO NOT like puffy 3 tone lenses. I have these in blue(review: HERE) and they feel just as uncomfortable. They sort of tickle my eye(which by the way, weirdest feeling ever.) and end up giving me a bit of a giant headache after wearing them for a couple hours. They are wearable, just not for long periods of time. Don't let how they feel on my eyes scare you away though. I've heard tons of people say these feel great on their eyes. The comfort is seriously poopy because I love love LOVE how these lenses and this series looks. I think I'm going to order the LuxuryBabe version of these lenses because I have a pair of LuxuryBabe lenses and they feel BEAUTIFUL on my eyes.
Enlargement:8/10 These say 16mm... but they really aren't. Circle lenses don't enlarge to that size, the biggest lenses are 15mm. Who would want 16mm contacts anyway?You'd look like a total goon. These are more like 14.5mm which is a a perfectly fine enlargement for meeeee.
Overall: 8.5/10 I seriously love the design of this series. The color is also beautiful and vibrant. I just wish I could wear them more comfortably. I think I would wear these constantly if I could! I also think these lenses have changed my opinion of violet lenses. For whatever reason I just assumed that violet lenses would look totally stupid on me. Which is sort of weird since violet is close to blue and I rather like blue lenses.But I like how these lenses look on me. I really do recommend these lenses if you are new to circle lenses. They are natural and vibrant and give a decent amount of enlargement!
 Want these? GET EM' HERE
(I can't find the Candylicious Puffy 3 Tone lenses on Apple of your Eye's site so I am just going to link you guys to the Dollyeye Puffy 3 Tone since it is the same exact thing just with more of a prescription variety)

ALSO!Apple of your Eye's is still having their mid-year sale!
I actually think I may be purchasing from them soon because I really really want to try out the LuxuryBabe Puffy 3 Tones so yay for that sale!

ALSO(sorry for so many alsos!)I had a dress on in this post and its rather cute but its off the shoulder. I figured i'd show you guys!
The boyfriend isn't around to take my picture so i'll have to show you guys through Photobooth. Its pretty cute in my opinion :)Just a bit hard to wear.

Have a nice night everyone!<3




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