Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Review:Tony Moly 02 Red Apple Lip Tint

I saw this lip tint on Jennifer's blog and I thought it had a really pretty effect! I had been looking for a fairly pigmented lip tint for quite some time. AND YOU GUYS, I found it!Since I specifically wanted a pigmented lip tint I looked into some reviews from other popular brands like Etude House and Lioele before deciding on Tony Moly. 
I actually found a super helpful post comparing Etude House's lip tints and Tony Moly's here if you guys were also looking for a very specific effect with your tint.
I got this tint off of Ebay. Seller: here 
The tint came super fast. Maybe about 10 days or something?
It looks so dark in the tube!You get quite a bit of product. I'm pretty sure this will last me awhile.
Applicator. The tint looks like blood  in my opinion.The applicator is simple and nice. Easy to use.
Swatcheroo. I love it. Seriously. Super bright and pigmented. Its a bit watery but I rather like that.
Blended. By the way, my arms look a bit weird because I shave my arms and the hair is starting to grow a bit. Is that weird by the way? I really don't know. Do any of you guys do that?Some people think its so weird. I hate hair there though and they feel really nice without it.
as you can see, this does blend out nicely. 
Something it seriously does do though, is STAIN. That doesn't really bother me, but this is a bit hard to get off of certain parts of my lips.
I ate and exfoliated before this was taken and the inner and outer parts of my lips are still stained.It just won't come off.
1st layer. All you really need is one layer for a fairly pigmented lip look.

2nd layer. I think it may look darker in the first picture but this product does get darker with 2 layers. 

You could probably achieve the little lip Ulzzang look with this. I've seen reviews where people used this to achieve that look. However, I like my lips to be quite vibrant and inyourface. I think it may be confusing as to why I want a lip tint because I could probably achieve this color from a lip stick.And my answer to that is...I don't really know. Maybe because I really love that lip stained cherry water ice effect.I love that I have the option to wear this lightly or boldly. I also like the look and feeling of this a bit more than lipstick. 

I really do love this product. Really, however there are some things I am not incredibly fond of. I don't like the smell. It smells like its trying to smell like some sort of flower but it just smells odd. It doesn't taste too bad but the smell is just odd to me. I think if they were going to try and make it smell like something...why not apples considering the name? It takes awhile to dry and it is also quite sticky without balm. So, I suggest using balm with this.


-pigmented, love the color
-can achieve many different looks with this tint. 
-blends out nicely
-layers nicely
-I like how its watery


-drying without balm and gets sticky
-smells weird

Overall: I honestly love this tint. I will definitely buy it again and I really recommend it if you want a lip stain that you can make subtle or bold.

I look miserable in this picture but I was/looked super tired because I had just gotten off of a pretty stressful day at work so these pictures were sort of slim pickins.

Anyway, hope you guys enjoyed the review!Have a nice night!


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  1. I shave my arms too >D
    And I hate when it grows back..
    I love the color of the lip tint!
    Thank you for following <3


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