Sunday, September 2, 2012

Review: MAC Lipstick in Film Noir

I don't normally buy MAC lipstick unless I want an incredibly specific color. Don't get me wrong, I love MAC's lipsticks but its just a bit expensive(not too bad really, its only 15$USD but thats still quite a bit for lipstick)Something I also don't usually do is fall in love with makeup trends while looking through magazines. Well, I was reading Elle and fell absolutely in love with something they referred to as "wine stained lips". Once I looked at the name of one of the lipsticks I just hadddddd to have it.So I went over to Macys that day and picked up Film Noir.
Something you guys may not know about me is that I really do like the Film Noir genre. I took a movie and literature class on it in college. I love how a lot of its filmed, the time period, the plots, the Femme Fatales, all of it.

ANYWAY, before I get carried away, onto the review!
I took these in sunlight but the lipstick really is quite dark when applied.
Swatcheroo. Its a bit of a brownish purplish reddish color.
Natural lips.My lips are a bit stained with coverup. Woopsiesss!
It doesn't look super dark here, but when I initially put it on at Macys I was super taken aback by how dark it is. I have what I thought was an incredibly dark red lipstick which is also by MAC(I wear it often in my reviews) and this lipstick is much much darker than that one.

What I like to do with this lipstick:
Since this lipstick is really really dark its a bit hard to wear it with my black hair without looking totally gothed out.I like to take my brightest red lipstick (which in this case is MAC's Ruby Woo) and layer it on top of Film Noir.
Ruby Woo
I think this color combination is a bit more wearable for daily wear than Film Noir alone. Atleast for me. 
With gloss added.


-I seriously love the name.
-I love how dark it off a totally lovely vintage noiry feeling.
-Its not totally red which makes it something different in my makeup collection
-feels quite nice on lips. not drying. I always wear lipsticks with balm though.

-may be too dark for some and for daily wear
-I wish it was a bit more dark dark purply red than dark dark purply reddish brownish.

Overall: I really do love this, and recommend it to anyone looking for an incredibly dark vintage noiry feeling lipstick.

Black and White film noiry feeling picture?Ehh ehhh?

Have a good night everyone!



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