Wednesday, September 12, 2012

{Sponsored}Review:Studio Du Chat Beige Jewelry

Studio Du Chat Beige is an incredibly awesome Etsy store. The store is owned by Annie. There are a number of lovely Fairy Kei, Lolita, and classic jewelry pieces in this store. Annie also sells jewelry supplies for those who are interested in making their own jewelry. The store is based in Canada so the jewelry didn't take long at all to get to the U.S. 

Adorable little card!
Please excuse my gross nails :(
The jewelry was in this cute little heart box.
It was super de duper safely packed with tissue paper. The packaging was fantasticcc :)

Elegant Classical Pink Rose Ring:

This ring is seriously lovely. I wore it to work today and got a number of compliments. I love the pink little rose with the classical band. Something I reaaaallllly reaallly like is how the band is adjustable. All hands are different, so adjustable bands are quite....handy...(ah...aha?)
This ring is only 5$ but it doesn't feel cheap. I'm one of those silly people who assume that things that are inexpensive are going to feel cheap. In my opinion this ring doesn't feel cheap.
Its a seriously lovely design for a ring. I see myself wearing it quite often. There are a number of flower rings and other rings(cute little desserts, stars, etc) in Annie's shop.

Want thisss? Get it HERE

Light Blue Cinderella Cameo Necklace:
I have a hugeeweak spot for cameos. I really do like this cameo. I love the classical little lady in it and the tiny bow. Cameos are so girly and classic. Guhhh, I seriously love them.  I think they are a nice accessory for any outfit. Especially if the outfit has some sort of lace in it. You really can't go wrong with them.Like the ring this necklace doesn't feel cheap even though it is only 10$. There are a number of different kinds of cameos in this shop. There are sailor ones, zombie ones,etc.


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Eye Necklace:
This necklace is probably my favorite. It was the item I was most excited about out of the three.  I know that the trend right now seems to be these eyeball necklaces and I think they are an incredibly cute and weird accessory to rock. I've seen the Kreepsville bows and I really like the look that these weird eye accessories give. Something that I really really like about this necklace is that the eye is normal. I've seen a couple of these accessories that have bloodshot veins shooting through them and I like the normal eyed eye accessories better. I love this necklace and how well the brown eye goes with the pink chain.  This necklace is only 8$ and its a super nice necklace!:) There are a number of different kinds of necklaces on this site. Cute little dessert ones and little animals!Check em out!

(sorry, i'm a goon)

Want this?Get it HEREEE

Anyway, I liked this jewelry, maybe you guys will too! Have a nice day everyone! <3



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  1. The ring is lovely <3 how.. I dunno the word.. how "tight" could you make the ring?


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