Monday, July 16, 2012

Review:Rohto Lycee eyedrops + OOTD

Rohto Lycee Contact Eyedrops (for contact lenses) - Light Pink
Ideal for those having dry eyes while wearing contact lenses. 
Main function:
To re-hydrate the eyes and solve the problem of eye dryness. 
Additional Benefits:
Reduce redness & refreshing your eyes
How to Use:
Put 1 or 2 drops in the affected eyes up to 5-6 times daily.
Discontinue using if pain, itching, or sensitivity occurs.

So my boyfriend bought me a couple things from Pretty&Cute for as one of my birthday presents.Ohhhh how I love Pretty&Cute and their being in Americaaaaaa. Inexpensive fast shipping is fantasticccc. I'm going to review all of these things soon but right now I'm going to focus on the Lycee eyedrops. I've actually seen quite a few reviews on these lately and I wanted to try em' out since they seem to be quite popular.

Eyedrops are very essential when you wear contacts on a daily basis like I do (i'd walk into a wall if I didn't have wear them) They are especially essential when you are wearing circle lenses because they dry out so so quickly.
These are the instructions. I have no idea what any of this stuff says BUT I can understand the pictures and they're pretty cute. So, right?
My initial impression of these eyedrops was that they were friggin' cute. They're sparkly and pink and square.I also thought they were really small. For whatever reason I thought they would be bigger. I do believe I read somewhere that the...nozzle?looks like that so that you can put eyedrops in from any angle. Which is cool I guess but i'm probably going to stick to the old fashioned bend your head back method.

I've used these eyedrops once or twice and I sort of have mixed feelings about them. Yes, they do indeed moisturize my eyes but the "cool" sensation they give is pretty weird for me. I think because when I initially put them in i'm confused about whether or not my eyes are feeling cool or burning. Maybe they feel so cool that it burns?I don't know.
So basically

Packaging:4.5/5 They're adorable. Really, so cute.Pink and sparkly and girly! However, I did sort of think they were small.So that sorta stinks.

Application:5/5 Easy peezy lemon squeezy

Effectiveness:3.5/5 While I do think they hydrate my eyes, I don't really like the "cool" feeling because it sort of feels like a burning feeling.

Overall:4/5 They are nice eyedrops. They are also sort of expensive eyedrops (or atleast they are the most expensive eyedrops i've ever bought) I think i could probably get the same hydration from something cheaper but not as adorable. I'm really not sure if i'll repurchase them.


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