Friday, July 27, 2012

Review:Smashbox Anti Shine + Sephora Anti Shine

Got the Smashbox Anti Shine: here
Sephora Anti Shine:I actually bought it in store where is was on sale for 5$. It was online for 5$ too but it isn't anymore.

These are the two products I plan to review. I REALLY love one and positively do not like the other.
I heard about the Smashbox Anti Shine from a fellow blogger named Jounka. Okay, this may sound stupid but I had never heard of this product before. I now there are products for oily skin( by the way, my skin is combination) but when I originally got very interested in higher end makeup during my high school years I went into a Sephora store and I told the woman I needed something to make my skin less shiny and she handed me a primer. So I just assumed that primers and powders were the only things out there to make your skin more matte.
My Smashbox Primer (which I did a review for here) was what I was using to also make my skin Matte. Now, The Smashbox primer does give you a matte finish, however, the matte finish really does not last very long so I had to powder and touch up my face every 2-3 hours.(I've gotten quite fast at it so its really not that bad)
I'm not too freaked out about any of the ingredients in this product aside from the fragrance. I just prefer my face products to not have fragrance because ingredients like that make me freaked out about breakouts.
In case you were wondering, this is what the top looks like. It has a tiny hole so you can get just the right amount out.
The consistency of this product is very thick and fairly easy to spread. You really don't need to apply much.
As you can see, my skin is pretty oily before I put on the product. I have to apply lotion before I put on makeup because my skin gets quite dry around my lips and under my eyes and around my nostrils. Also, apply this product after lotion but before primer.
AND THIS my dears is the fantastic matte effect of this makeup!SERIOUSLY, I'M IN LOVE WITH THIS PRODUCT. So in love. So friggin' in love. I'd marry this product and live in a beautiful house with a white picket fence and get a nice dog with this product!Ahhhhh, I love it!Pleaseeeee splurge the money and get this if you have the money to and you have a problem with oily skin. It seriously solved one of my skin woes.
So this is me and my antishine and and our house. Hahahah, I swear I went to art school. I can't find the pen to my tablet.


This is how everything looked once my makeup was done.All nice and lovely and matte.
AND THIS m'dears is how my face looked once I got off of work 10 hours later.(please excuse my tired face) as you can see, my skin is still quite matte. I only did one touch up in those 10 hours.I only did that touchup because I felt a bit paranoid that my skin would get oily again since it had been so many hours not needing one.


-Has a thick consistency.

-Left my skin matte for many many hours.
-I have a new best friend that i'm going to get a cool dog and a house with.
Jussttt kidding, but seriously, if you have oily skin pick this up. Maybe it'll fix your problem like it fixed mine.

-Its a little bit expensive at...27$ I believe but in my opinion well worth the money

Sephora Anti Shine:

These are the ingredients. I believe when I read through it it said it has Xanthan gum in it in food right?So that sort of weirded me out. It also appears to have some alcohols in it which I don't really like.

So I actually picked this up at Sephora after I heard about the Smashbox anti shine. It was on sale for 5$ and it was originally 19$. Since I was fairly excited about the Smashbox Anti Shine I decided to pick this up since it was so cheap and could possibly be an alternative to the 27$ Smashbox product. I actually asked the woman who worked there why this was on sale for 5$ and she told me that they were switching packaging so I felt sort of reassured that the product wasn't on sale because it was terrible.

So this is the amount I put on my face that day. The product is a lot thinner than the Smashbox Antishine. 

Now, I am not going to show you any before product and after product photos because that day I forgot to take them. I wasn't too bummed out about that because I just told myself I'd take them the day after with the product on.  Welllll I didn't take those pictures the day after because this product made me break out.Now, I don't normally have too many pimples, i'll get one or two when i break out. But this made me get 3-4 pimples on my face so screwwwww that. No way am I putting this on my face again.

Also, the matte lasted about an hour. It was matte immediately after I put it on and it was so matte that it was hard to spread my makeup.

I do not recommend this product.

So that is it for these reviews.

have a lovely day everyone!


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