Monday, July 9, 2012

Review:Blink Contacts Lubricating eye drops

 I've seen a couple of reviews for the Rohto Lycee eye drops lately. While I am quite interested in those eye drops because they are so popular I haven't ordered contacts from a website that sells them recently and I don't really want to buy them alone when shipping would cost about as much as the eye drops themselves. 
Soooo I decided to do a review on these really nice eye drops that I buy from my local drugstore!
These eye drops are said to moisturize your eyes with a substance naturally found in your tears.
These eye drops have an application process that is the same as any other eye drops. Apply one or two drops to each eye. It also says for added comfort to apply the eye drops to each side of your lenses. 
While these eye drops don't really look very fashionable and the packaging really isn't anything special they do serve their purpose in a fantastic way. I have used a couple of brands of eye drops for contacts and these are definitely my favorite. There is not effect aside from moisture with these eye drops but they moisturize your eyes for a couple of hours after their application. They also really aren't very expensive. They're about 8 dollars. I also really do like that they're natural. 

So Basically:

-Long lasting moisture.

-not very...cute?If you care about that when it comes to eye drops.
-no other effects (like redness relief) aside from moisture.

I definitely recommend these if you are looking for some nice eye drops that are available at drugstores in America. 

Oh yea!Also I did a really nice cat eye today!(which sounds sort of stupid but I find that really nice even cat eyes are sort of hard to do with liquid liner!)

Have a nice day!:)

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