Thursday, June 21, 2012

Review: Skin79 Orange Super+ BB Cream and Makeup Forever High Definition Powder

 Skin 79 Orange Super+ BB Cream:

A month or so ago I won a free travel size Skin79 Pink BB cream. BB creams have been something I've been curious about ever since I got into circle lenses because they seem like a fairly popular product amongst beauty enthusiasts. I didn't want to buy any though because I was certain I'd like it and didn't want to get hooked(I tend to get pretty obsessed with certain beauty products)

So...I tried the Skin79 Pink BB cream and...

I loved it.

Anyway, so I ran out because there isn't a whole ton of product in those travel size things so I decided to pick one up.

The site I ordered from was Pretty&Cute. I've come across this site before but I never really had any interest in this until I found something out.

THEY'RE LOCATED IN THE UNITED STATES. Oregon to be exact. Yayyyy cheap shipping!Oh what cheap shipping!It was only 3 dollars!I ordered it...Friday?Possibly Thursday night and it got here on Wednesday the following week!Ahhh!

Anyway, I wanted the Pink BB Cream but they were all out. I'm not very patient so I decided to spend the extra money and get the orange one since it seemed like a newer improved version of the pink.Or atleast thats what I gathered while briefly looking into it online.

Skin Benefits from BB Cream:
-Wrinkle improvement 

Cute little card!
They also give you a free sample with each purchase. So...thats cool.
bbbbbbbbb creeeeamaamama
no makeup aside from leftover eyeliner from the day before. The type of skin I have is combination skin. My personal opinion(and this may be because I am bias) but I feel like that type of skin is probably the most annoying. There isn't really an obvious solution to combination skin because it is oily and dry. Because of my skin I am rather picky about what I put on it.
So this is how much of the cream I squeezed onto my makeup sponge. Thats probably way too much but I didn't know the pump would pump out so much.The cream has a similar coloring to my complexion.
Just BB cream on my skin. As you can see it has dulled out my scars in a fairly nice way. I like how this feels on my skin as well. I think it feels light and nice. My skin doesn't feel smothered by this product. I also think it makes my complexion quite matte as well.
Just cream as well.
BB Cream and coverup and concealer. 
I think the cream goes quite well with my coverup and concealer and it all blends together in a way that makes me quite satisfied with how my skin looks.

I think BB cream is a new beauty obsession that is going to have to be added to my ever growing list.I love how the orange BB cream feels on my skin. I only had the pink version for a week give or take but I do believe I prefer the orange version to the pink version. In my opinion its worth the extra money.

Get it (especially if you live in the US): here

Makeup Forever  High Definition Powder:

This is a product I have used for about 2 years. I've bought it over and over and over again. I usually have one on backup in case my current one runs out (which is actually what this one was and that is why the packaging is a little beat up. its been sitting in my room for a couple months.)

I get this product from Sephora. Sephora is a giant high end makeup store with seemingly everything in it for every beauty need. 

The beauty need I purchased this product for is because I have combination skin. My skin is dry and oily. Its very stupid. So this is basically the last product I use during my daily makeup routine. It puts a thin powdery layer over my skin that completely mattes it.
The powder is white and very light once you put it onto your skin. It doesn't go on your skin white, it blends into your skin and just appears to be the shade of you skin.

The photo above with the BB cream and foundation and concealer is how my skin looks without this stuff.
This is how my skin looks once the powder is applied.  As you can see it completely dulls out the shine on my skin. My skin is totally matte and the powder blends perfectly with my skin. (I don't think this is because I am pale by the way. I believe it would act like this on any skin tone)

I'd really suggest this powder is you have oily skin and need something to give you a matte finish.

Get it: here

Finished makeup:)

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