Thursday, August 30, 2012

Review:Blonde Ebay Wiggy :)

My first ever wig! I was super incredibly excited to get this in the mail. It came so fast too!It took about...10 days maybe to get to me?This seller seems to send express packages with free shipping which is awesome.I think the wig was originally 25$ but I got it on sale for 15.

The seller I got the wig from:here 

I am super new to Ebay so I am sort of paranoid that the things I order are going to be crappy. HOWEVER, this wig really isn't crappy. Since it was only 15$ my expectations were pretty low.But I was pleasantly surprised!
I think the wig looks very similar to the photo displayed on Ebay.When i first opened up the package I was initially thinking...wait...this is brown. However, it is dark blonde. If you are interested in a light blonde wig this really isn't for you.

I only really have 3 complaints about this wig.
1.I wish the part looked more natural.
2. I wish it was fuller. In my opinion its a bit thin.That may be due to it being sort of in sectioned off waves. 
And 3. It is not very comfy. Okay, so maybe I have a big head or maybe the wig cap they gave me(by the way, they give you a wig cap!I think thats awesome because I don't know one thing about wig caps) is super small but this wig is not comfy. Something squeezes the bejeezus out of my head. 
Overall I think this wig is awesome for a 15 dollar wig!I think it does look like I am wearing a wig but I don't care!Its also less shiny than I thought it would be which is cool. I already have my sites on other wigssssss!
My Mommom looking super sassy in the wig.
 I'm gonna leave on that note,

Have a nice night everyone!<3


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