Sunday, August 12, 2012

{Sponsored} Review: Super Barbie Crystal Blue Circle Lens

Water Content:38%
Base Curve:8.8

ANOTHER CIRCLE LENS REVIEW?! Yes. I'm sorry!I just got about a million pairs in the mail (6 to be exact) ANYWAY, this adorable super dolly pair of lenses was sponsored by the super lovely Apple of Your Eyes ! As I said before(in my LuxuryBabe 12 review) Apple of Your Eyes is run by the very very nice and super professional Allyson!

Very safely bubble wrapped. Even the lens case was bubble wrapped! :)
So I didn't get to choose the design of my lens however I did get to choose the color. I was pretty excited to get them and see what the design was. They were even wrapped like a present!That was a really nice touch.
Cuteeee lens vials.
No Flash

Design:10/10 I really do like the design. I normally probably wouldn't go for a lens that looks like this but I really love how dolly and unnatural the design is.  The arrows are really interesting because they point into your eye. I really like that for some reason. I love the halo effect because it hits where the arrows are and makes that aspect of the design sort of highlighted.The blue is quite dark. Most blue lenses are quite dark honestly but its a very pretty vibrant blue.I love it.
Comfort: 1/10  I don't know how to rate this. The left lens is defective. There is a little scratch where the pupil is and it really makes the left lens very very uncomfortable. I put these in for about..10 minutes and had to stop taking pictures (I wanted to get one picture outside but my eye got really watery so I had to stop) The right lens feels fine but the left lens feels like poo.
Enlargement:9/10 These are only 14.5mm but in my opinion they enlarge quite a bit for that diameter. The limbal ring isn't too thick but the lenses are a rather dark blue so I think the dark coloring makes these lenses look bigger.
Overall: 7/10 I sort of don't know how to rate these. They aren't really wearable because of my defective left lens and that really sort of bums me out because I do really like these. If the left lens wasn't defective I would probably have given these a 9/10. They are dolly and a very pretty dark blue. If you want a very dolly blue lens, I really do recommend these. 

WANT EM'? Get them HERE

ALSO! Apple of Your Eyes is having their mid year sale:

They have some awesome deals going on right now!I suggest you check those out.

I thought you guys would like my ring...:D

Have a nice day ! <3

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