Friday, June 15, 2012

Review: Barbie Eye Super Nudy Blue Circle Lens

So I got these lenses from Candylens. At first I really did not like the nudy design. I wasn't really into it until my sister bought a pair of grey super nudy lenses from Pinkyparadise. They looked pretty cool and I was in love with the dramatic halo effect they give off so I decided to grab a pair. I didn't really want to get the same brand as her because they had a really low water content and at the time I was on a search for super comfy lenses. So I decided to go with the Barbie eyes because they supposedly had a water content of 48%.Ordering through Candylens was wonderful. They came quickly and adorably in the cutest little boxes.
Design: 7/10 The reason why I am giving this lens a lower score on design isn't really because it is a nudy lens. I am giving this lens a lower score because it sort of seems like the least opaque nudy lens compared to other nudy lenses. When I first put these in my eyes I was pretty bummed. The color was very very very dark on my brown eyes. They were blue, but the darkest blue I've seen in lenses.(the blue is sort comparable to the Keizen lenses but I think they may have been lighter and more opaque. I liked that design better than this one)They look almost black on my eyes unless you get pretty much uncomfortably close to my face or take a flash photo.
Enlargement:10/10 These are huge. On the website and the bottle they say 16mm or something crazy like that. They really aren't. Circle lenses don't go up that high. That number is probably the effect because these lenses do have a rather thick dark grey line around the iris. They are huge and seem even bugger because of how dark they are. Definitely dolly looking.
Comfort:7/10 The comfort on these varies. Sometimes they really are quite comfortable, I feel little to now discomfort. However, sometimes they feel pretty terrible after a while. When they feel terrible I feel dizzy and have the feeling like I am going to get a headache.
Overall:8/10 I do like how big these lenses are however I wish they had more of the typical nudy speckles. The color is almost lost because of how dark it is. I also wish these were a bit more comfortable because when they feel bad it feels pretty crappy.

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