Thursday, June 14, 2012

Review:G&G Max Pure Pink Circle Lenses

I obtained these lenses from Pinkyparadise. These were my first pink lenses. When I first discovered circle lenses, I found them through my sister who introduced me to Pinkyparadise. When I went on the site and saw that they had tonnsssss of pink lenses I was originally a little freaked out by the prospect of wearing such an unnatural color. I like vibrant contacts but I wasn't sure if I liked vibrant colors that weren't normal. So I decided to try out these babys since they are a pretty popular pink lens and have a reputation for being quite natural looking while still being pink.

Design:9/10 These lenses are really very pretty. The design is super beautiful and they blend with your natural eye color in a really lovely way. However, for a pink lens I sort of think these look a little too natural. Noone can really tell that they are pink. Everyone thinks I have light brown eyes unless they look way way way too close. I really do like the design but I wish they were a touch more vibrant and noticeably pink.

Enlargement:10/10 Well, these lenses are 14.5mm and for that diameter they are pretty big and l o v e l y. They are big and dark and perfect and dolly looking!
Comfort:9/10 These lenses are usually awesome. Unless you're tired. All circle lenses blow when you're tired. But yea, I have worn these for long periods of time. Probably about 8 hours with out having much of a problem.
Overall:9.5/10 These lenses are lovely. They are big and prettty and dolly and natural. I really wish the pink stood out a little bit more though. Other than that, there isn't much to complain aboutt!

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