Sunday, June 17, 2012

Review:Revlon Photoready Concealer

I got this from CVS. My experience with concealer (and I have had quite a bit of experience with concealer) is that it doesn't really matter how much it costs. I've bought concealer that was 40 dollars and I've bought concealer that was 10 dollars and in terms of coverage/breakouts they have caused has been just about the same. I've bought concealer with Sacrylic Acid in it that was supposed to help against breakouts that has been 20 some dollars from Sephora and you can buy pretty much the same thing at CVS for 10 dollars that probably offers better coverage.

My shade is 002 light pale 

This is the concealer I've stuck with for quite some time because it goes on pretty thick. I am fairly certain it is oil free(I don't think I would have started buying it if it wasn't) It is about 10 dollars give or take some change.

(no makeup at all)

 I have fairly normal moderate acne and this covers it up very well.

(just the concealer)

Now, this concealer is not the only makeup I use on my face. I just use it in trouble spots that my coverup doesn't fully fix. 

 All the makeup I use on my face daily

By the time I'm done applying the concealer and all the other makeup this is the look I have:

Wahhhlaaaaaa!Anyway, I'm done with review for the day. I'm gonna go eat a baked potato.


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