Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Review:Fynale Green Honoo Circle lenses

Sooo I purchased these lenses from Candylens. I had wanted to try Fynale lenses for a while ever since I started to understand that higher water percentage is usually what makes circle lenses more comfortable. However, Fynale isn't really one of the more common brands for circle lenses and it was even harder to find Fynale lenses in prescription.(I wear -2.50 in one eye and -3.50 in the other) So upon seeing that Candylens was selling these I instantly grabbed a pair.
I believe I said this in another post but I'll just repeat myself, I absolutely love Candylens as a seller. They are really nice and respond to emails very quickly. The lenses also come in an adorable box with a cute little note identifying the lenses you bought. Seriously, the are awesome.

Design:7/10 The color of these lenses is seriously really vibrant and beautiful. However, the design really isn't my favorite. I don't like how jagged these lenses are when they get towards the pupil. If they had more of a fading effect like the EOS New Adult series they would be awesome. These lenses definitely aren't for you if you're looking for something that looks natural.
 Enlargement:6/10 So according to the bottle and the website these are supposed to be 15mm lenses.They really really aren't. I don't mind them being so small but I was pretty excited to have a 15mm pair of lenses with such a high water percent. I'm fairly certain these lenses are smaller than some 14.5mm lenses I own.
Comfort:10/10 These lenses are fantastic comfort wise. Seriously, they really are very very thin and I really do think the water percent is 55%. When I put on lenses I normally put 2 drops of the solution in them so that when I put them in my eye they are extra moisturized. When I do that with these lenses, they completely collapse. They are so thin they can't handle the weight of the solution. I've worn them to work, school, they're fantastic and can last very very long hours.
Overall: 8/10 I love the comfort on these lenses but I don't really wear them often because of the design. If you are looking for an extremely comfortable lens with a subtle enlargement and very very vibrant coloring to it this would be for you!

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