Monday, June 11, 2012

Review: I.Fairy Moe Moe Brown Circle lenses

I purchased these lenses from Uniqso. I purchased them with the I.Fairy Keizen blue lenses because they had a deal where you can buy 2 I.Fairy lenses for 39.90. I didn't really intend to get these and when I bought them I was sort of wary about how they may look. Brown eyes are nice but I have brown eyes and I'm more impressed with lenses that give your eyes a very dramatic change in look. But, the design in the model photo looked really nice so I figured maybe they'd look really cool.

Guess what?


Design:10/10 So the design of these are my favorite out of all the lenses I own. Which is saying something because I own...13 pairs of lenses?I think its 13. Anyway, they are awesome. Seriously, so awesome. These lenses really aren't even brown. They are more of a yellow color. They also seems to have a gray sort of coloring to them too. I love that the pupil hole is smaller and alot of the yellowish coloring to the lens is because of the awesome star burst in the middle where the pupil is. The yellow helps the lens blend with my brown eyes. These contacts remind me of a kitty's eyes. I also love that these lenses dont have a strong outline around them. They have more of a sort of faded blackish grayish outline that makes them look a bit more natural.They also have a cute halo effect.

All of the things about these lenses are all of the things i consider when looking for a lens i think would be cute.

Enlargement:10/10 Uhhhhhh these are huge!They say on the bottle that they are 16.2mm or something crazy like that.They aren't 16.2mm because lenses only go up to 15mm but I do think they are 15mm. They are just big and l o v e l y and dolly like and fantastic.

Comfort:8/10. These lenses are pretty comfortable. They just aren't SUPER comfortable which is literally the only negative feedback I can say about them. They say they are 55% water content but I don't really think they are. They are less comfortable than some 38% water content lenses I own. Everyone has different eyes though. I can wear these for about 6 hours but after 6 hours I'll start to get a headache.
Overall:9.5/10 Overall these lenses are just stunning. I love them soooo much. They are my favorite lenses, the design and enlargement are perfect. I just wish they were more comfortable.

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