Thursday, June 14, 2012

Review:Vassen Rainbow Eyes Grayish Blue Circle Lenses

I got these lenses from Pinkyparadise pretty much the minute they hit the shelves. I originally wanted the light greenish ones but they didn't have them in prescription. BOO. So I chose these because they looked fairy pretty on the model.
Upon seeing the stock lens photo picture I was pretty friggin excited to get these lenses.
This is what the site advertises these lenses to look like:
I am going to be honest, the lenses they give you look nothing like this.They look like this:

 Which sort of confused me at first when I got them, however, while websurfing I came across the Fynale Y17 lenses. The Fynale Y17 lenses had the same lens stock photo as the Vassen Rainbow Eyes lens stock photos.Now, I know that Vassen(and all of the other circle lens manufacturers) reproduces certain popular designs from other companies, so I assumed the Y17s to look sort of like the Vassen Rainbow eyes lens.  But that design of lens really looks nothing like Rainbow Eyes lens.The Y17s are much much much more opaque.
(I couldn't find any reviews on the gray ones, but here is the stock photo and actual lens of the blue Y17s)
Anyway, i'm not mad or anything. Just confused as to why that stock lens photo was used when its not even remotely close to the same lens.


Design:7.5/10 The only reason why I give the design for these a sort of lower score is because I was expecting a beautiful opaque lens. Also, a lens that has a sort of smooth design towards the pupil. These lenses have are sort of semi-opaque towards the middle with jagged light blue and gray towards the end. There isn't too much of an outline, which I did like. I was just expecting a lens that wasn't as natural as this one and it kinda bummed me out.They have grown on me though. These were my first gray lenses and they sort of opened up my eyes(heeeeehoooo) to how pretty that color can be.

Enlargement:8.5/10 I was pretty happy with the enlargement. However, this lens is really lacking an outline (which I really don't mind) but the lack of an outline does sort of decrease the size.
Comfort:9/10 soooo these lenses are usually pretty comfortable and long lasting with eyedrops handy of course. The longest I have worn them is probably 12 hours with only little to no discomfort throughout the day.
Overall:8/10 While these lenses are nice and natural and fairly comfortable, they just weren't what I was expecting.If you are looking for a natural 3 tone lens though, these would probably be perfect for you.

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