Sunday, June 24, 2012

Review:Geo Medical Princess Mimi Bambi Apple Green circle lens

These lenses were actually the first pair of circle lenses I ever bought. My sister told me about circle lenses a couple months ago and at first I didn't really understand them. I bought these from Pinkyparadise. When I first decided to buy a pair of circle lenses I was seriously intimidated by the large quantity of lenses Pinkyparadise offers. So I essentially just picked the color I wanted and went onto their best sellers list and purchased the most popular green pair they were selling
Diameter: 15.0mm
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Type: 1 year disposal

Design:8/10 Now, there are things about these lenses that I really do like and there is one thing about these lenses that I really do not like. And I am pretty sure the thing that I don't like about these lenses is the thing that makes them so popular and unique. I love how well they blend in with my natural eye color. The yellow and green parts of this lens are sort of nudy like in design. They are speckly and blend so beautifully with the brown in my eyes. I sort of actually wish the nudys had a bit of yellow like these lenses do. The thing that I really do dislike about these lenses is the outer rim around the iris. I really do not like how thick the outline is and how it has a pointed design going into the iris making for an incredibly unnatural looking effect. I think the thing that irritates me the most is how lovely and soft the blending of these lenses is contrasted by the huge sharp outline. I also sort of think now that I would have enjoyed the grey version of these lenses better than the green.
Comfort:7/10 These are Geo lenses. Geo has a very low water content in their lenses which means their lenses tend to have a lower comfort level. When i first got these lenses I actually did everything you aren't supposed to do. I didn't look up anything about circle lenses really, and I just assumed they'd be exactly like my normal everyday lenses. So I immediately popped them in my eye without letting them sit for 6 hours. I got a pretty terrible headache after 4 hours of wearing these in case you're wondering the outcome of not letting your lenses sit. So anyway these lenses are okay in comfort. They dry out and sort of make my head hurt after a while. Not to mention they are huge lenses so you can sort of feel them. Its really nothing too terrible. I can only really wear them for 5ish hours before I need to get them out of my eye.
Enlargement: 10/10 these are huge. They are dolly and big and lovely in diameter. If you want something incredibly dramatic looking I would definitely recommend these!
Overall:8/10 These lenses are pretty but dramatic. They would be so lovely if the outer rim was a bit less eye catching.  They aren't the most comfortable lenses but they are pretty bearable for about 5 hours. 

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