Monday, June 11, 2012

Review:30Days Natural Circle Grey Circle Lenses

I purchased these lenses from Pinky Paradise.

Design:6/10  These lenses are very simple. I didn't really buy these for their design. I was more curious and interested in the comfort of a disposable circle lens. These are a very very dark shade of grey. The shade of grey that they are is in my opinion even darker than my brown eyes. The pupil hole is also huge which is a trait that a lot of lenses have. I don't really like that much either

 8/10 These do enlarge. According to the box they should be 14.5mm in diameter. However, they sort of seem like a small 14.5mm for such a dark lens.
 Comfort:7/10 This is where the biggest disappointment in these lenses lies. On the box it says that these have a water percent of 55%. They are also monthly disposable lenses so I was expecting them to be pretty thin. I wear lenses to see, so I had expectations that these would be as comfortable as my Acuvue lenses that I wear daily which expire every 2 weeks. I actually bought them because I wanted to see if I could replace the Acuvues with these because it would be cheaper for me. However, these lenses feel exactly like any other circle lens I've owned. They get just as dry and just as uncomfortable after about...6 hours. If these were comfortable, it would have made the boring design and minimal enlargement worth it. Oh well, they aren't too expensive and maybe they'd be more comfortable on someone else's eyes.

Overall:7/10 These lenses really weren't my favorites. I really do think they'd probably look nice on someone with lighter blue or gray eyes though. I think if you're looking for a more natural lens these would also be for you.They just aren't really my thing unfortunately. 

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