Monday, June 11, 2012

Review:I.Fairy Keizen Blue Circle Lenses

I purchased these lenses from Uniqso. They had a deal going(that I am pretty sure is on going) where if you can buy 2 pairs of I.Fairy lenses for 39.90. I purchased these and the I.Fairy Moe Moe Browns.  This was my first time purchasing from this company and they seem pretty nice. They have a couple of brands of lenses that are sort of hard to find. I am pretty sure from the research I have done on circle lenses that I.Fairy is a...sub-company? of Vassen. Anyway, they have Fynale lenses which are sort of hard to find but absolutely awesomeeeeee.


Design: 8/10 The design of these lenses is pretty nice. They blend nicely with my naturally brown eyes. This is due to two things that I sort of like and dislike about them. They are sort of semi-opaque. The blue on these lenses is sort of see through. This makes for a nice halo effect. They also have yellow going towards the middle which makes it blend with my eyes. I like that the semi opacity of these lenses makes them blend well but I sort of wish they were a bit brighter. Another detail about these lenses that I don't really like is how pixely the print on the lenses is. I think that adds to the blending of the contacts however up close they looks very unnatural.I didn't really like these lenses when I first put them in because of this but after another use of them I grew to like them more.
^ heh sort of unflattering BUT WHATEVER.

Enlargement:9/10 On the bottle of these lenses and on the website these say they are like...16.2mm or something crazy like that. They aren't. The highest diameter circle lenses can go up to is 15mm. The effect of these lenses may be 16.2mm but the diameter really isn't. The confusing thing about these lenses is that I know I.Fairy is made by Vassen. Vassen lenses seem to only go up to 14.5 but I think these are larger than 14.5. Maybe 14.8 or something like that. With all that rambling being said, I think these are quite enlarging lenses.
Comfort:8.5/10 These lenses are prettttttttty comfy. According to the bottle they have a water content of 55%.I don't really know if thats true though. They just don't feel comfortable enough for a water content that high. They feel pretty much the same as wearing a lens with a water content of 38 or 42.They are more comfortable than the Moe Moe Browns I purchased with them though. I can wear them for about 7 hours before they get dry and uncomfortable.I could probably wear them for longer than that with an application of eye drops but I don't really wanna push the limit since you're only supposed to wear circle lenses for 6 to 8 hours.
Overall:8.5/10 I like these. They are pretty lenses and worth the money.I just wish they were a bit brighter. Out of this one and the Moe Moe browns that I bought with it I prefer the Moe Moes.


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