Sunday, June 17, 2012

Review:Super Pinky Blue Circle lens.

I purchased these lenses from Honeycolor. They were also... I think the second pair of circle lenses that I bought. After noticing my Princess Mimi apple greens(which were the first pair of lenses I bought) were really not very comfortable I was in a serious search for really comfortable lenses. After doing some research I came to realize that water content in contacts is one of the main contributors to comfort. I noticed Pinkyparadise had the Super Pinkys in 15mm with a 55% water content the month prior to me buying my pair and the current stock they had were 14.5mm with a water content of 42%. I was looking for a blue pair of super enlarging circle lenses with a 55% water content so I looked everywhere to see if anyone had Super Pinkys with that 55% water content and I couldn't find them anywhere. However, Honeycolor had them with 14.8mm and a 45% water content so I decided to settle for those.After placing an order with Honeycolor I came to notice that there are a ton of terrible review for them online so I legitimately didn't expect to get my contacts.BUT I DID!:)

Also, please excuse my jacked up eyelashes in these photos. I have to redo them because they're individual eyelashes and I've had them on for a week.(I don't like strip ones) So in case you're wondering my one eyeball isn't bigger than the other, the eyelashes are just sort of drooping.


Design: 9/10 I actually really like the design of these lenses. They are a vibrant blue(sort of light....probably more medium blue)The only thing I'm kind of on the fence about with the design is the small pupil hole. While I do prefer a smaller pupil hole rather than a big one I don't know if I like it that small and dramatic.
Comfort:4/10 So these friggin' lenses that I ordered because I thought they would be beautifully comfortable are SO UNCOMFORTABLE. I've heard them to be comfortable on other people's eyes but I really can only stand them for MAX 4 hours. I don't really understand why they are so uncomfortable because from what I understand Super Pinky is made by Vassen and Vassen and I.Fairy are two brands that feel pretty okay when I wear them. When i first put them in they feel like they're tickling my eyeball. In case you're wondering, that is one of the most annoying feelings. They also feel...heavy I guess after about 30 minutes. They make my eyes feel strained. I just hate how they feel. I rarely ever wear these.
Enlargement:9.5/10 These are huge. I love it. They look big and dolly and lovely. They'd probably look bigger if they had a darker outline around the iris but I actually really like their greyish outline.
Overall:7/10 the comfort kills these lenses for me. They give me a headache and I really don't wear them often. Its a shame because I really do like the design and color.



    i am DEFINITELY getting Super Pinky Blue!!!!!!!


  2. You shoullldddd! They're pretty nice. hopefully they'll be more comfy on you than they were on meee.

  3. It's too bad about the comfort. They look amazing on you and very suiting with the dark hair and red lipstick :) I know what you mean by 'heavy' feeling, kind of like your eyes are sleepy. Don't worry about the lashes, I wouldn't have noticed if you hadn't said anything.

    1. Thank you :)! I wish they were more comfortable. I had such high expectations. Haha I'm so anal about my eyelashes, it was bugging me terribly.

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