Tuesday, August 21, 2012

e.l.f Haulll

I had a bit of extra money this week and decided to pick up some e.l.f makeup I discovered while looking at e.l.f favorite videos.  I just got this today so I don't have an opinion of most of it.But I am really excited to use them all tomorrow!
The products I picked up were:

-New Moisture Care Lip Color Ruby Slipper
-Celebrity mineral eye shadow
-Eyeshadow "C" Brush
-Sheer eyelid primer
-Golden eyelid primer
-Kabuki Face Brush
- Mineral Infused Face Primer
- Makeup Mist and set
-Lip exfoliator

 I probably won't do a review on all of these because that is just a ton of reviewing and i'm a bit backed up with reviews as is. However, if there is anything in this haul you guys are interested in seeing a review on I'll make a point to review it. I want to do a review on the Mineral face primer comparing it to the Smashbox Photo Finish because I heard this was an awesome dupe for that. I also tried out the lip exfoliator today and its awesome. It smells awesome and makes my lips nice and pouty and soft. I tried out the mist and set without reading the directions and it sort of felt like I squirt gunned my face (I did it like..5 inches away from my face when the instructions say to do it a foot away)

Anyway, I am really excited to play with these!


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