Tuesday, August 21, 2012

{Sponsored} Review: BLACK WIDOW Lip Balm in Gossip, Ursula and Orb

"Sealed by Lady BLACK WIDOW for the protection of the innocent."
BLACK WIDOW Lip Balms is a totally fantastic cruelty free. Their balms are filled with all natural ingredients and they seriously feel lovely on your lips. Not only do they feel lovely, but they smell lovely too!I don't know about you, but I really like makeup that smells awesome. I feel a serious appreciation for good smelling makeup at the moment because for whatever reason my mascara smells like gin.It was free and it works nicely but its smells like gin. Gross.

 The woman I emailed back and forth was Shareta Barnes. She is a very nice lady and responded quite quickly. BLACK WIDOW is based in the United States which is prettty frickin' cool because that means if you live in the United States like I do, you'll get your products very quickly.

The balms are all 8$ so they are fairly inexpensive.
The packaging for these was simple but very nice. 
If you'd like 10% off your order enter in: ILUVWIDOW10

This is how my lips look before any product is applied:


What the site says:"Ursula is the first in our tinted lip balm line. It tints to a bold black-violet color while soothing lips with clove, lavender and vanilla pure essential extracts.
We suggest using this lip balm over lipstick for a richer wearing color or wear alone for a shimmering black-violet lip tint.

Our Original lip balm, Úrsula, is named for the Buendía family matriarch from the novel One Hundred Years of Solitude. Úrsula, the character, is the embodiment of a lifetime of courage and strength. While Úrsula, the lip balm, enlivens its wearer with a delicious spiced honey scent blended into a black plum lip balm. "


I love the meanings behind the names of these balms. It is an awesome touch to the overall cute packaging of these.

When i first saw this lip balm I was excited and apprehensive.  You see, I don't own any violet or black colored lip products. Why?I have no idea.However, I was pleasantly surprised with this lip balm.

This gives you a very pleasant dark purplish tint to your lips. It is sort of subtle but definitely purple. I absolutely love it!It makes your lips look cold. Which may not sound appealing to some people but I think it looks awesome. This lip balm also feels great. They all do really. This balm smells fantastic too. I don't know if my nose detects spiced honey and plum (to be honest I don't think I can identify the smell of spiced honey and plum) but regardless it smells great.
Something I also sort of like doing with these is putting them over top of another lipstick. This particular balm makes any color darker and a bit more interesting.


-Smells great
-feels great
-lovely color
-cruelty free & natural

-I don't really have any other than wishing it was a bit more pigmented.

I really do like this lip balm.

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  What the site says: "Gossip of the best kind, our lip balm colors your lips to a shimmering dark cherry tint. Essential extracts of cinnamon, sweet jasmine and peppermint oil makes your lips kissably soft and sweet. BLACK WIDOW lip balms protect lips against skin damaging environmental factors like wind, cold and UV rays.

In Early Modern England the word “gossip” included anyone closely related to another. During that time the equivalent definition for gossip would have simply been “friend”.
Through human evolution, socially, gossip helped bond constantly growing groups of people. Gossip not only formed a bond between the teller and hearer, it also allowed people who never met to gain information about each other"
 I have a bite of a soft spot for anything even the least bit red. Which is why I think this lip balm is my favorite.  All of these balms feel lovely. They are incredibly moisturizing and feel great.Like Ursula, Gossip also smells lovely. I am actually familiar with cinnamon and peppermint so I can smells those in this balm. This lip balm gives your lips a very nice cherry reddish tint. Its super flattering in my opinion.

-my favorite
-looks awesome
-smells awesome
-feels awesome
-Cruelty free & natural

-nothing aside from wishing it was a bit more pigmented.
I really do like this balm. It is probably my favorite out of the three.

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What the site says: "Orb lip balm colors your lips to a shimmering light pink. Essential extracts of lavender, spicy black pepper and sweet raspberry oil makes lips kissably soft and sweet. BLACK WIDOW lip balms protect lips against skin damaging environmental factors like wind, cold and UV rays.

Orb backscatter has been broadly interpreted as a highly variable range of quasi-religious paranormal phenomenon without verifiability — including invisible spirits, auras, angels, ghosts, energy fields, psycho-energetic artifacts, energy balls, etc.
Though unverifiable, the orb phenomenon lives on. Keep the legend alive by wearing Orb."

This feels just as lovely as the other two.My lips feel great and very moisturized. In my opinion this balm smells the best out of the three.You can smell the raspberry and the pepper adds a sort of odd kick to the scent that is really interesting. It is pink and the most natural out of the three balms I have.However, because it is the most natural it is probably my least favorite. Don't get me wrong, its lovely. I just have a soft spot for red balms and i've never worn any purple lip products before. Pink just isn't my go to color. Regardless of that, this is a really lovely pretty lip balm.


-Same as the other two. feels and smells and looks lovely.Cruelty free & natural

-Wish it were more pigmented.

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Overall, these are very very nice balms. I think I might buy their K.O.D balm because it looks like a really really cool color.Honestly, I want all 7 balms because they have such interesting colors and they seriously smell and feel beautiful.

Anyway, I hope you guys feel beautiful! Have a nice night!

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