Wednesday, August 29, 2012

{Sponsored}Review: Vassen Super Crystal Blue Circle Lens

Disposable : 1 year
Base Curve : 8.6mm
Water Content : 42%
Diameter : 14.5mm  

These lenses were super de duper kindly sponsored by K-Circlelens. K-Circlelens were perfectly polite and nice in the emails we shared. I only chose the color so I was a bit nervous about what lenses I would get. I'm fairly picky about lenses but when I discovered these were the Super Crystal blues I was so excited!I have been interested in these lenses for quite some time. 

The lenses and the case came in this incredibly adorable Hello Kitty baggie!
The lenses were also nicely bubble wrapped.

No Flash

Design: 9/10 The design is beautiful. So is the color. These lenses look so pretty and crystal like on your eyes. The blue is not light but it is a really pretty color. The lenses also give you the slightest halo effect. I like that these lenses don't have an incredibly thick limbal ring since I prefer my lenses that way. The only reason why I deducted a point is because I would have liked it if the pupil hole was a bit smaller. Other than that, they're fantastic.
Comfort: 9/10  Vassen lenses are pretty comfy in my eyes. I wore them to work for 8 hours and didn't really have any problems. Of course the comfort is better if you have eyedrops on you.
Enlargement:9/10  These do enlarge quite a lot. They are lacking a limbal ring but I like em' like that. I wish they were 15mm. But these are big and lovely for a 14.5mm lens.
Overall:9/10 Considering I gave these a 9/10 in every other category, they get a 9/10 overall! Seriously though guys, these are some nice blue lenses. They are comfy and lovely colored. They look crystally on the eyes and enlarge quite a lotttt. I am so happy K-Circlelens sent me these.Thank you so much K-Circlelens!

Waaannttt theseseses? GET EM' HERERE!

I am mega tired. Haveagoodnightguys! <3


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