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Review: e.l.f Studio Lip Exfoliator, e.l.f Essentials Eyelid Primer in Golden, Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stain + Balm in Gothic

Me trying to show most of the makeup used because I don't have a group shot.

You guys are probably like, girl, why don't you do one review at a time?And to be honest, its because I buy too much makeup every week and that would take me days to stretch out. So, I prefer making one big giant barf of a post! Anyway, earlier this week...or last week I posted about my e.l.f haul. I pretty much love all the things I bought. So I figured I might as well start reviewing my favorites from it. I also lost my Covergirl Lip stain so I had to buy a new one. 
Lets just get right on to it, shall we?

e.l.f Studio Lip Exfoliator:

Sooo, I absolutely love this thing. Seriously. I have used two other lip exfoliators before this one. One was a sample from Sephora for an incredibly nice yet overpriced lip exfoliator and the other was from Lush .The exfoliator from Lush was like...10 dollars and didn't really do anything aside from taste good.  Which is nice...but I didn't buy it to eat it.
The packaging for this is really nice. It feels nicer than other e.l.f packaging. 
I actually didn't find this in any of the e.l.f must have videos on Youtube. I am fairly certain this is a  new product. When i was looking at the reviews for it all I could really find was people saying they love this. I also saw that this product goes out of stock quickly so I snatched one up!

You use this product by wetting your lips and then spreading it like lipstick. It smells awesome. Seriously, so nice. Once you are done putting it on wipe it off with a damp paper towel and put lip balm on.

Now, since I don't really have dry lips I decided to show you guys a before and after picture where I made my boyfriend let me put it on him!He gets chapped lips often so i basically sat him down and made him let me use the product on him.
I don't know if you can see, but his lips are pretty dry. 
After exfoliation and balm!Much more lovely soft boyfriend lips! And they really are more soft. I did a before and after kiss :)
If you are interested in this product, I would recommend being very careful with it. Somehow the lipstick part snapped off so now I have to be super careful when I use it.

So basicallyyy: 

-works fantastically, really does make your lips softer and takes flaky skin off.
-smells beautifull
-very affordable at 3$
-easy to use

-can break easily so be careful with it
-goes in and out of stock often so if you want one and its in stock I suggest snatching it up

Do I recommend this?Yes yesssss a thousand times yes. If you have a problem with dry lips do yourself a favor and get this.

Want one?Get it HERE

e.l.f Essentials Eyelid Primer in Golden:

I have never used an eyelid primer before. I don't really wear eyeshadow often. However, I heard the e.l.f eyelid primers were really nice and for only 1$ I had to try one out.
It has this type of applicator. I know they have a name I just don't remember what its called. I like the applicator. It works nicely for the product.
The consistency is very creamy. Its nice. You just rub it in.
It was sort of hard for me to capture the effect of this. This product just leaves just a touch of gold sparkly loveliness to your eyes. 
I don't know if you can see it there either. Anyway, its super subtle. I just like how this makes my eyelids look. My eyelids can get a little greasy and I also think this product makes them a bit more matte. When I put this product on under eyeshadow the eyeshadow stays for long hours and doesn't seem to crease until the end of the night. I actually also bought this in sheer. I love Golden so much that I haven't even used the sheer one yet.

Anyway, basicallllyy!

-works nicely in my opinion.(I don't have a ton of experience with eyelid primers though)
-leaves a nice sparkly finish
-goes nicely under eyeshadow
-super affordable at 1$
-seriously love this and use it daily
-easy to use


Do I recommend this?Duh. If you couldn't tell, I love thissssss.

Want this? Get it herereerere! 

Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stain + Balm in Gothic:

I need lip stains. Particularly this one or the Covergirl version. However, it isn't really because I like the product itself.You guys are probably like..wha? But this product actually pisses me off. The applicator is fantastic though.

The reason why this product pisses me off is because the first time you apply it it gives you this beautifully pigmented shade. Look at that!Its stunning. Seriously, that is probably my favorite red color.That is just the lip stain and balm. No lipstick on top or anything.
HOWEVER,  after the first time you apply it the color gets dull and absolutely impossible to layer in my opinion. You won't get this beautiful pigmented application any other time aside from the first time.

After that first time the product gets dull like this swatch:
That swatch is me trying to layer it. Now. I know this is a lip stain so I shouldn't expect it to be pigmented like a lipstick. However, if you give me that beautiful pigmented color on the first application, I don't care what it is I just want that color again!
If I don't like the product, why do I buy it over and over again? THAT applicator is why. That applicator is brilliant for spreading you lip stick evenly and perfectly.Its basically just like drawing with a marker so its a very easy applicator to use.
Uneven lipstick before spreading with lip stain.
After using the lip stain to spread out lipstick and outline my lips.
 So basicallyy:

 -first application is my favorite thing ever. 
-applicator spreads lipstick fantastically
-comes with a balm which is sorta cool

 -after first application, the product sorta sucks

Do i recommend this?Uhh..I do if you want you wear lipstick and want it to look perfect.However, I don't really like the lip stain because its hard to layer and isn't too pigmented.

All products used finished look:

Anyway, I am quite tired. Have a nice night everyone!


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