Sunday, August 19, 2012

Review: Milani Shadow Eyez 03 Champagne Toast, Milani Brow Fix Brow Kit 01 Light, Revlon Matte Powder Blush 003 Perfectly Peach & Spiked Headband

I have bought way too much stuff this week when i really shouldn't have. (I sort of do that every week) Along with these three items I did a big ol' e.l.f haul and bought a blonde wig and Tony Moly liptint off of Ebay.
Milani Shadow Eyez 03 Champagne Toast:
I have been wanting a sort of champagney pinky colored pencil to put under my eyes to make that area seem a bit highlighted and sparkly. My last review included the white version of this pencil (review here) When I went there and saw this one I decided to pick it up. With the white version of this pencil it sort of clumped at my eyelashes when I tried to put it on my waterline. I was a bit worried about this pencil doing that also however it didn't.
I really like the consistency of this product. The eyeliner is creamy and sparkly and the color is such a nice pinkish color. I think it looks really flattering under the eyelashes. This is also really hard to get off which is good. On the pencil it says 12hr wear and it really does last that long. I cannot speak for this pencil as an eyeshadow because I have never worn it that way really. I am sure it would look nice since it looks nice under my eyes.


-lovely consistency
-lovely color
-does not come off easily
-exactly what I was looking for
-does not clump on eyelashes when I put it under my eye

I can't think of any. I really like this pencil.

I love this product and recommend it!

Milani Brow Fix Brow Kit 01 Light:

I don't even really know why I picked this up. I guess because my Dolly Wink Powder (review:here) doesn't really come out medium brown because it has a dark brown and a blonde powder that you're supposed to blend together but...thats sort of stupid. At least in my opinion it is. I'd rather just have a medium brown eyebrow powder rather than a dark brown and a blonde. And when you mix together the Dolly Wink powder color options they don't make medium brown. They make whatever color you swatched on first. BUT ANYWAYAYAYYA this isn't a me bitch about my current eyebrow powder post, so lets talk about this Milani powder. 
I really like that this kit is separated by color. I also like that is comes with the tweezers and the two eyebrow powder applicators. I don't really like the tweezers or the eyebrows applicators but its nice that this product comes with them.

I really like the colors that this kit comes with. The first darkest brown is a nice medium shade, the second brown is nice and soft and the brow bone highlighter looks nice on my brow bone.
What I do not like about this product is that the powder gets on my face. The Dolly Wink Powder does not do that. Little brow shadow particles fall onto my face and my eyelashes and its annoying getting them off. I also have to layer this a bit more than the Dolly Wink Powder. When i use this it takes a bit longer to do my eyebrows in the morning which is shitty if I am in a hurry.


-nice colors
-nice to include applicators and tweezers.
-nice that all colors are seperate

-powder gets on my face which is annoying
-have to layer too much
-takes a while to get right in the morning

All in all, I would say this product is worth it. It was only like...5ish$ and the colors are nice. You are just going to be playing with it for awhile in the morning probably.

Revlon Matte Powder Blush 003 Perfectly Peach:

I actually bought e.l.f blush less than a month ago (review here) The problem with that blush is that it has a gold and sparkly sheen to it which looks silly on my cheeks but really nice on my cheek bones. I wanted to get a nice peachy pink natural looking matte blush to put on my cheeks and maybe my nose and chin.
This blush is friggin' lovely and natural and looks really nice on pale skin(in the shade I have. they have darker shades too)You can get it layer really nicely and since there are no sparkles (I really don't like sparkly blush. I don't want to look like a Twilight vampire) or sheens it looks very natural.
I'm not too good at swatches so this swatch looks pathetic but you'll be able to see the loveliness better when I show you all the makeup together in a moment.


-this shade looks nice on pale skin
-layers nicely is you want a more dramatic blush
-blends nicely
-not sparkly and has no sheen(Charlie...Sheen) to it

I don't have any.


Makeup all togethaaa.

Spikey headband:

This is the first thing I have ever bought off of Ebay. I got this headband and another one that is the same but in a different color.Link to Product
 When looking at the headband I thought it was going to be white but it turned out silver. The other headband I bought I thought would be a yellow color but it turned out gold. No complaints there really, I was just surprised. 
The headband looks very cheap if you flip it over. And it was very cheap (5$) I think the spikes are sturdy but there is two layers to it and the one looks like its hot glue gunned on. You just have to be careful. 
The headband is pretty tight so I am bound to get a headache while wearing it (I get headaches easily)It is cute though. And was definitely worth it since the product was only 5$. 
This is the gold one.

Do I recommend this?Yes. If you are looking for a spiked headband this one is cute and cheap. The seller is also reliable.

Anyway, that is all for today!Have a good day everyone!



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